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[News] Sun Microsystems Passively Supported SCO, Screwed Up Big Time

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The Trial Testimony of Greg Jones, Day 2, SCO v. Novell

,----[ Qupte ]
| We learn two primary things from Jones' testimony: first, what a cynical role 
| Sun played in the SCO saga, and second, that all the time SCO was calling on 
| the world, the courts, the Congress -- nay heaven itself, if I may say so -- 
| to sympathize with it over the ruination of its Most Holy Intellectual 
| Property by it being improperly open sourced into Linux, not that it turned 
| out to be true, it had already secretly given Sun the right to open source it 
| in OpenSolaris. Remember all that falderol about SCO being contractually 
| unable to show us the code, much as it so desired to do so, because of being 
| bound to confidentiality requirements? What a farce. SCO had already secretly 
| given Sun the right to open source Solaris, with all the UNIX System V you 
| can eat right in there.          
| The simple fact is, I gather from Jones' testimony, Sun could have prevented 
| the harm SCO sought to cause by simply telling us what rights it had 
| negotiated and received from SCO prior to SCO launching its assault on Linux. 
| Yet it remained silent. When I consider all folks were put through, all the 
| unnecessary litigation, and all the fear and the threats and the harmful 
| smears, including of me at the hands of SCO and all the dark little helper 
| dwarves in SCO's workshop, I feel an intense indignation like a tsunami 
| toward Sun for remaining silent.       


Sorry Simon, but you’re still screwing up

,----[ Quote ]
| But he isolates the “screw-up” to 2001-2002, when Sun was still a proprietary 
| company. This is like a candidate for re-election blaming the problems he 
| faces on a predecessor from the other party.  
| The fact is Sun is still screwing up. Offering open source licenses for key 
| products is not all there is to an open source strategy. Transparency, 
| community, and some ceding of authority are also required.  



Sun: We screwed up on open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Many open source developers remain sceptical of Sun because their memories of
| the company focus on Sun's interactions with the community in 2001/2002,
| which Sun's chief open source officer Simon Phipps concedes was a period
| where Sun "screwed up".
| [...]
| "We've open sourced Java [...] and people see that and they say 'wow, you've
| GPLed Java, you must be serious!'

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