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[News] Rave About GNOME Do, Ubuntu Multiple User Accounts

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GNOME Do and The Network Backed Plugin Architecture

,----[ Quote ]
| So I like GNOME Do. That’s not exactly a secret. Nor am I the only one.
| [...]
| Anyhow, it is thus that I like Do personally for what it’s achieved, but 
| follow it professionally for what it represents: the ongoing conflation of 
| network and client. There’s a long way yet to travel, but we’re getting 
| closer to applications that treat the network as an assumption rather than an 
| afterthought, as the design and architectures increasingly reflect, both in 
| the open source world and out of it.     


Inside Users and Accounts

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux allows multiple user accounts on the same installation. Here's how to 
| set up multiple accounts during Ubuntu installation. 


In Windows, networking, security and multiple users are just an 'Ugly Hack'.
They ignored decades of UNIX lessons and it shows.


Did Microsoft just patent sudo?

,----[ Quote ]
| 1985, huh? And when did this Microsoft patent happen? It was filed in
| 2000. Well gee, that doesn't make sense. How'd they get the patent?
| It certainly falls under the category of "obvious" if there's prior
| art such as sudo.
| What makes this whole thing funny, though, is something I saw a couple
| days ago. Head over to Builder-AU and listen to Peter Watson from
| Microsoft. He says,
|   "User Account Control is a great idea and strategically
|   a direction that sort of all operating systems and all technology
|   should be heading down"
| Excuse me? Does he really believe this is all Microsoft's great new
| idea?
| In the end, this seems like a patent that Microsoft will hold up and
| say "we have a patent and Linux is violating it!" They won't ever
| sue on it though (just leave the threat hanging to scare away
| potential users), because then they could have the patent revoked.
| It's better for them to just wave it around.


Microsoft Says Other OSes Should Imitate UAC

,----[ Quote ]
| The most controversial aspect of Watson's comments all center around
| the idea that Microsoft is a leader with UAC, and that other OSes
| should follow suit. UAC is a cousin of myriad "superuser" process
| elevation strategies, which Mac OS X and all flavors of Linux
| already enjoy. The fact is that Microsoft is late to the party
| with their Microsoftized version of sudo. That's really what UAC
| is, after all: sudo with a fancy display mechanism (to make it hard
| to spoof) and extra monitoring to pick up on "suspicious" behavior.

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