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[News] KDE Upgrade Claimed Better Marketed Than Vista

Interview: Aaron Seigo, KDE Project Lead

,----[ Quote ]
| Many people think Microsoft hasn't been able to communicate the advantages of 
| Windows Vista to effectively to XP users. Given how good KDE3.5 is, have you 
| managed to avoid this trap with KDE4?  
| I think we did a much better job than Microsoft did with Vista and people are 
| very aware of the promise of our "pillars of KDE4" such as Phonon, Solid, 
| Decibel, etc. as well as the exciting applications like Marble, Amarok, 
| Plasma, etc.   


Watch what Microsoft might be doing now:

Is Microsoft Playing Games With XP SP3?

,----[ Quote ]
| It's a question that is burning up the blogosphere with some speculating that 
| Microsoft has delayed XP SP3, a long awaited release that could boost the 
| performance of XP, to get more users to adopt Vista, a potential cash cow for 
| Microsoft and PC makers given the operating system's robust hardware refresh 
| requirements.    


Related and recent:

Angry Vista Users Vent Over SP1 Driver Issues

,----[ Quote ]
| The service pack is being withheld from machines containing one or more of 
| the listed drivers, because, as Microsoft put it in a support 
| document, "these device drivers are problematic on Windows Vista-based 
| computers when you update to Windows Vista SP1."   
| That made an industry analyst wonder about Microsoft's driver testing 
| process. "When Microsoft said there were problems with drivers, I assumed it 
| was some odd scanner or camera, or an ancient printer or something," said 
| Michael Cherry, analyst with Directions on Microsoft, a Kirkland, Wash.-based 
| research firm. "But then I saw the list. It makes me wonder what's going on 
| with device driver testing.     


Vista SP1: Threat or Menace?

,----[ Quote ]
| The multimillion-dollar question is whether SP1 will be the hoped-for 
| catalyst that triggers a widespread migration from XP to Vista. The Service 
| Pack may help to allay concerns about code quality, but the perception that 
| Vista's benefits simply don't outweigh the risk of the upgrade remains a 
| challenge for Microsoft, particularly among business users.    


Windows is caught between Mac and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| For the first time in ages, the sale of new PCs with Windows as a percentage 
| of the PC market is declining sharply. The new winner is the Mac, but, while 
| no one does a good job of tracking the still-new, pre-installed Linux desktop 
| market, it's also clear that Linux is finally making impressive inroads into 
| Windows' once unchallenged market share.    
| [...]
| How Microsoft deals, or fails to deal, with this new challenge will determine 
| if Windows continues to be the dominant desktop operating system. Distracted 
| by its Yahoo buyout plans, its courtroom failures and its leadership changes, 
| Microsoft is in trouble, and that means the other desktop operating systems 
| have their best chance ever to knock Windows off the top of the desktop hill.    


Windows Vista SP1 Flunks Out At Penn

,----[ Quote ]
| University of Pennsylvania tech staffers are advising faculty and students 
| not to upgrade to the new service pack for Microsoft's Windows Vista 
| operating system.   


Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has acknowledged that the service pack will not install on 
| computers that use “incompatible” peripheral device drivers from the likes of 
| Realtek and Intel. 


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