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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Admits Vista is a Consumer-hostile DRM Dogpile

[Not in these words, but it's self-explanatory:]

Microsoft confirms Windows adheres to broadcast flag

,----[ Quote ]
| News that the world's largest software maker has voluntarily agreed to help 
| broadcasters control the recording of their shows is bound to outrage 
| enthusiasts of digital video recorders, as it represents the biggest threat 
| to the practice known as time shifting since the FCC's attempt to require 
| flag adherence.    


Time shifting is a small problem compared to the one below.


Update: Why is NBC Flagging Digital TV Programs - and Why is Microsoft  Obeying

,----[ Quote ]
| After further investigation of reports of Vista refusing to record NBC, we
| have found at least one case where a user receiving digital TV over-the-air
| has been blocked from recording TV shows. Justin Sanders, who took this
| screenshot, says he was recording Raleigh's HDTV channel WNCN-DT1 on his
| Vista machine when a popup stating that "restrictions set by the
| broadcaster ... prohibit recording of this program" appeared.
| This is significant: this is the first case we've heard of equipment
| voluntarily obeying broadcast flag-like restrictions on TV content digitally
| broadcast over-the-air.
| The broadcast flag is a small piece of data broadcast alongside a digital TV
| program. The ability to flag broadcast content was created by the ATSC
| standard which governs digital TV broadcasts in the United States. By itself
| the broadcast flag cannot restrict use of broadcast content. Instead, its
| force comes from a tech mandate law - an FCC regulation - which required
| manufacturers of DTV-receiving devices to detect and respond to "switched on"
| broadcast flags. EFF and others opposed the use of the broadcast flag and
| fought successfully to have the FCC regulation overturned by the courts. We
| did that because it handed control over your hardware to a remote authority,
| limited your right to your fair use of media, and would have made illegal
| open source products like MythTV. As a result of that victory, manufacturers
| are not legally required to force their devices to detect and respond to the
| flag.
| It would now appear that Microsoft has voluntarily chosen to obey such
| content restrictions in Vista, despite the successful work of thousands of
| users to defend Microsoft's right to innovate and our right to fair use.



Avoid the Vista badge, it means DRM inside

,----[ Quote ]
| The root of this crappy DRM infection is Microsoft. It is the driving
| force here. This has nothing to do with protecting content, as we
| keep pointing out, there has never been a single thing that has had
| a DRM infection applied that didn't end up cracked on the net in
| hours. DRM is about walled gardens and control.
| He who controls the DRM infection controls the market. DRM is
| about preventing you from doing anything with the devices
| without paying the gatekeeper a fee. This is what MS wants,
| nothing less than a slice of everything watched, listened to
| or discussed from now on. DRM prevents others from playing
| there, thanks to the DMCA and other anti-consumer laws.
| Make no mistake, MS is pushing the DRM malware as hard as
| it can so it can rake in money hand over fist with no
| competition. It is really good at lock-in, in fact, the firm
| based its entire business model on harming the user so they
| have to comply and spend more.


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