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[News] Yahoo Keeps Moving Away from Microsoft Proxy Scum and Towards Google

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Yahoo-Google ad deal 'still on track'

,----[ Quote ]
| The partnership, which is designed to increase Yahoo's ad revenue, is "still 
| on track," a source familiar with the partnership said, and an announcement 
| is expected next week. That aligns well with reports in the New York Post and 
| Reuters.   


Google Moves to Friend More Web Site Operators

,----[ Quote ]
| Noting that social activity on the Web is controlled by a handful of social 
| networks, Google Director of Engineering David Glazer said Google's new 
| Friend Connect service aims to let users use any application on any site with 
| their friends.    


Yahoo tries to conceal lawsuit documents

,----[ Quote ]
| Also included in the documents are notes from a conversation between Jerry 
| Yang and Steve Ballmer, the respective chief executives of Yahoo and 
| Microsoft, and of comments top executives made about the severance plan, the 
| AP said. The information was gathered during the discovery phase of the 
| lawsuit.    



Google addresses antitrust issue on Yahoo ad deal

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's top executives on Thursday gave a glimpse into how it might try to
| deflect antitrust concerns of a possible ad-sharing deal with rival Yahoo,
| advising observers to look at the overall ad market.
| "You are narrowly focused on search advertising," co-founder Sergey Brin told
| reporters at the company's headquarters here before Google's shareholder
| meeting. "Advertising as a whole is much broader, and Internet advertising is
| much broader."
| [...]
| Yahoo-Google ad test a success
| The two-week test with Yahoo went well, Brin said.
| "We had a really good dynamic. We were able to implement it quickly. The
| technology teams got along well. They were able to get the protocols working
| very easily and able to gain a lot of insights," Brin said.


Yang hits back at Ballmer; mentions antitrust concerns

,----[ Quote ]
| The part of the new Yahoo letter I found most interesting, though, was the
| mention of antitrust issues that would arise if the acquisition goes through
| — something that neither Microsoft nor Yahoo has spent much time discussing
| publicly. From the letter:  
|     “As to antitrust, we have discussed with you our concerns. Any
|     transaction between us would result in a thorough regulatory review in
|     multiple jurisdictions. As a follow up to a recent meeting among our
|     respective legal advisors we had on this topic, and at your request, we
|     provided to you on March 28 a list of additional information we would
|     need to further our understanding of the regulatory issues associated
|     with any transaction. To date, you have still not provided any of the
|     requested information.”      


The Microsoft-Yahoo merger: Yes, privacy is an antitrust concern

,----[ Quote ]
| The same day that Microsoft announced it was about to offer $44.6 billion
| offer for Yahoo, Senator Herb Kohl (D-Wisc.), chairman of the Senate
| Antitrust Subcommittee, issued a statement: “We will need to scrutinize the
| deal carefully to ensure that it will not cause any harm to the
| competitiveness of what has been a vibrant high tech marketplace, nor
| negatively impact the privacy rights of internet users.”    


Microsoft Lawyers Map Out the Bid for Yahoo

,----[ Quote ]
| Two days after they talked, the AAI released a statement that called for
| regulators to closely scrutinize Microsoft's bid. Lande, a Baltimore School
| of Law professor, says he spoke with Rule at length, but his reaction to the
| merger proposal was less than measured. "There will be less pressure to
| innovate in the long term," he says. "The consumer will lose."


China's Alibaba ponders Microsoft's Yahoo bid-WSJ

,----[ Quote ]
| Alibaba Group, the Chinese Internet company part-owned by Yahoo Inc, has
| hired advisers to evaluate issues related to a possible purchase of its U.S.
| partner by Microsoft Corp after the Chinese government said it would
| scrutinize the deal, the Wall Street Journal said Friday.  

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