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Re: [News] IBM Puts GNU/Linux on Cell Blades (HPC), Cell-based PS3 a Success

____/ Jerry McBride on Thursday 15 May 2008 23:37 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> IBM launches Cell blades for HPC
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | The Bladecenter QS22 systems will run Red Hat Enterprise Linux and
>> | include IBM's open sauce Eclipse development environment. IBM claims its
>> | new QS22 systems can be integrated with x86 based servers in customers'
>> | data centers.
>> `----
> Dude... I'd give anything... to have a CELL powered rack. Can you imagine
> the power? A fully functional Cell server or desktop? I'd put Intel to
> Shame in seconds...
> And the best part... WINDOWS not supported...

Not even AMD (x86). ;-)

XP SP3 crashes AMD machines

,----[ Quote ]
| One user reported, "I just installed Windows XP SP3 and after completing the
| processes and when the system reboots, the system cannot proceed to load the
| Windows. It just displays the flash screen of Windows then after it reboots
| again."
| Angry users have also reported that, after the installation, it is not even
| possible to boot in safe mode, usually the last resort before setting up a
| repeated forehead/screen interface.


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