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[News] Fedora 9 Praised in the Press

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Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love

,----[ Quote ]
| The new KDE look, dubbed Oxygen, is very slick, some might even say 
| beautiful. Fedora is the first major distro to ship with KDE 4 enabled by 
| default, but thankfully KDE 4 does support older applications that haven't 
| yet been ported. Such apps won't be able to take advantage of the new 
| features, but at least you can use them until new versions are released.    
| Fedora 9 also marks the first release under Paul Frields, Fedora project 
| leader at Red Hat, who took over for longtime Fedora maintainer Max Spivak 
| earlier this year. Fedora has also revamped its board slightly making the 
| distro a more community-managed affair. The majority of the Fedora board is  
| now made up of community elected members.   


Fedora 9 promises better eyecandy, networking

,----[ Quote ]
| Compiz, the compositing window manager that creates impressive eyecandy for 
| the desktop, is installed by default and is easily enabled by both GNOME and 
| KDE users via the Desktop Effects tool. Compiz is not enabled by default, 
| however. Compiz Fusion, which re-merges Compiz and Beryl, is also available 
| in the Fedora software repository.    



First impressions of Fedora 9 with KDE 4

,----[ Quote ]
| I don't know if I should attribute this remarkable achievement to Fedora 9 or
| to KDE 4 (or maybe even to GCC 4.3?), but the fact is that the KDE 4 desktop
| in Fedora 9 is just so much snappier and more responsive than the KDE 3
| desktop in Fedora 8. This is also true of Firefox 3.0b5 where everything
| happens so much faster, something that is especially noticeable on
| AJAX-powered web sites. This is probably the major reason why I will stay
| with KDE 4 and Fedora 9 for the foreseeable future - it is just so much
| faster than anything I have used on this particular machine.


Fedora 9 leaked

,----[ Quote ]
| The next version of the Fedora Linux distribution, Fedora 9 “Sulphur”, has
| been leaked into the public domain due to a misconfiguration in one of the
| European download mirrors.


Fedora 9 - Final- Screenshots, We got a hold of a copy some days before the

,----[ Quote ]
| Here are some shots from the install. I will not go into detail when it comes
| to these. One thing that has changed is the encryption option (i did not test
| this), that allows you to make and install to an encrypted partition.



Fedora is Dressed to the 9

,----[ Quote ]
| Also notable is the inclusion of compatibility packages “to ensure that
| applications not yet ported to KDE 4 will continue to work,” according to the
| release notes.  
| Improvements to NetworkManager include compatibility with PolicyKit for
| network configuration and support for ad-hoc wireless networks and PPP over
| mobile broadband cards (GSM and CDMA).  
| With its tweaked address bar and new Places bookmark replacement, the Firefox
| 3 beta 5 browser finally has Fedora-like look and integrates with the
| desktop. Fedora now ships with a browser plug-in for playing Flash
| animations, videos and games.  


Quick look at Fedora

,----[ Quote ]
| The Fedora artwork and polish are very impressive. I’ve always been impressed
| with Fedora’s artwork in general. It seems very consistent and professional.
| Ubuntu 8.04 has made some good steps in this direction. The Heron wallpaper
| is beautiful, in my opinion, and Ubuntu’s artwork seems to be getting a bit
| more consistent.    


KDE in Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| What are the most popular Linux distributions and software in Korea?
| As you know, Ubuntu is the most popular distribution in Linux users group,
| Fedora is the most popular in general. The Firefox is the best well-known
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| program.


Fedora goes to a community-dominated board

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the Fedora Board originally formed in 2006, the Fedora Project has
| changed quite a bit.  We now have about two-thirds of our packages
| maintained by volunteer community members.  Our technical steering
| committee, FESCo, is made up of a roughly even mix of volunteers and Red
| Hat employees.  This community has developed and enforced its own high
| standards and done it in an open and transparent fashion in the best
| tradition of open source.


Fedora 9 Preview Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday the Fedora Project released a "Preview" of Fedora 9. Today Ubuntu
| released a "Release Candidate" for 8.04 "Hardy Heron" and the openSUSE team
| released openSUSE 11.0 Beta 1. Since my preferred Linux distribution for the
| desktop is Fedora, I've been keeping up with all of the test releases. What
| follows is some commentary about my experiences with the Fedora 9 Preview
| including an image gallery. I'd like to encourage MontanaLinux users of other
| distros to write up their experiences with their preferred distributions.      


5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Fedora 9

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 9 ships with GNOME 2.22 and KDE 4.03 by default, and while KDE 4.0x
| has received a lot of attention and buzz in the free software world, this
| GNOME release is also very exciting.  


Number 9, number 9. Fedora 9 Preview has been cleared for takeoff!

,----[ Quote ]
| This is a Preview release, it is fairly close to what the final product
| will be like.  This is the most critical release for the Fedora
| community to use and test and report bugs on.  This is the last major
| public release before the final GOLD Fedora 9 release on May 13th (we
| hope).


Fedora 9 and Summit preview: Confining the user with SELinux

,----[ Quote ]
| This one’s a two-fer! Dan Walsh covers the evolution of SELinux from Fedora 2
| all the way to the upcoming Fedora 9 launch. Find out how it started and how
| user access controls will grow in the newest release. As a bonus, this is
| also a preview of Walsh’s scheduled talk at the upcoming Red Hat Summit. Want
| more? Check out the schedule of talks and register–and we’ll see you in
| Boston.    


First Look at Fedora 9 Preview

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm sure there's a lot in the forthcoming full release of Fedora 9 for both
| new and experienced Linux users alike though, as always, the distribution's
| leaders' aversion to anything proprietary is an obvious obstacle for those
| completely new to Linux and Open Source.  
| Nonetheless, there's a lot here to commend them on and I, for one, can't wait
| to give the full release a try when it hits the mirrors in a few weeks' time.
| Good job guys.


Fedora 9 Beta - my review

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been wanting to try out Fedora 9 ever since I read in an interview
| with the project leaders about 2 months ago that it was going with a KDE4
| default desktop (as far as I can tell, no other distribution has taken the
| plunge). Now Fedora is an interesting beast… it gets little press these days
| yet it has been consistently in the top ten at distrowatch for years, and
| high in the top ten too.    


Fedora 9 Beta review

,----[ Quote ]
| In one sentence: so far so amazing!  It’s now stable and completely usable.  
| I now have a workable F9 system ( rawhide ) which I use daily.  No more F8!!!  
| Though we have yet ( one week ) to see the final artwork, but it’s still
| amazing.    


Fedora 9 Beta Preview [screensnots also]

,----[ Quote ]
| It's been almost two months since Fedora 9 Alpha was released, which we
| subsequently previewed. Now with the release of Fedora 9 just being 35 days  
| out, Red Hat has pushed out the beta release of Fedora 9 (codenamed Sulphur)
| with many more features implemented and ready to be tested. We have taken the
| time to explore the features of Fedora 9 and the progress that has been made.  


Fedora 9 Beta Screenshots


Fedora 9 Beta Screenshots


Fedora 9 Hits Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| The first Beta for Red Hat's Fedora 9 (code named Sulfur) is now out. As
| expected it includes the latest and greatest in Linux technologies including
| new GNOME, KDE, Firefox and Linux kernel packages.  

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