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[News] MIT Releases More Valuable Code as Free Software, HAL Source Released

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MIT to Open Source Mobile Web Code

,----[ Quote ]
| Several months ago, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created the 
| Mobile Web Project in an attempt to provide up-to-date university information 
| for its faculty, students and visitors over mobile devices.  
| Early next year, Information Services and Technology (IS&T), the central IT 
| department at MIT, and the team responsible for the design, development and 
| maintenance of the software, plans to open source the code.  


Sam Leffler releases HAL source

,----[ Quote ]
| Sam Leffler, maintainer of the binary HAL that is also used in MadWifi 
| releases, has released the source code for his HAL variant under ISC license. 
| It is available through a Subversion repository (web interface), which is 
| also be used actively for development and further improvements.    



webEdition 6 Now Open Source - CMS Open Source Code Plus Professional Services
Support Available From Manufacturer

,----[ Quote ]
| Living-e AG announced that it is offering its successful content management
| system webEdition 6 as open source software as of today.


Open Sourcing BricaBox

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, I’m excited to announce that BricaBox, LLC is taking the first steps
| to open source the BricaBox Platform.


The Total Growth of Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The significance of open source has been continuously increasing over time.
| Our research validates this claim by looking at the total growth of open
| source. Our work shows that the additions to open source projects, the total
| project size (measured in source lines of code), the number of new open
| source projects, and the total number of open source projects are growing at
| an exponential rate.    
| Our results open gates for further research around the growth of open source
| and the acceptance of open source in industry and government. Future research
| should explore questions like what factors are influencing this exponential
| growth, how source code growth relates to the number of engaged software
| developers, and whether or how long open source can sustain this exponential
| growth.    

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