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[News] Nepal Find Out That Less is More in Free Software

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FOSS: Price Is Zero, Value Is Priceless

,----[ Quote ]
| The main factor working against the growth of open source software in Asia 
| has been the ready availability of pirated versions of Microsoft's software. 
| However, open source advocates are gaining traction in places such as Nepal, 
| where Linux is growing in popularity.   
| [...]
| FOSS alternatives exist for almost all commercial software, Pradhananga says. 
| What is lacking is awareness, he says. 
| Now, Foss Nepal with MPP, Help Nepal Network and other cyberactivists are 
| trying to change all that with public programs and recruitment of young 
| software engineers into the movement.  



[GNU/Linux-based] OLPC Nepal Now

,----[ Quote ]
| In it's conclusion the evaluation is positive: "The head teachers in both the
| schools consider the pilot program as very effective and see great promise in
| reducing the disparity between private and public schools." and "With this
| student-centered approach, students are interacting with each other more
| often. It has made students more curious and they are eager to learn new
| things. It has also helped in developing co-operative spirit as students are
| willing to help each other learn new technology."


Software Freedom Day in Nepal

,----[ Quote ]
| Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Community of Nepal (FOSS-Nepal) observed
| the fifth international Software Freedom Day today. The day was celebrated by
| over 500 different volunteer groups in 120 countries.


SFD08 Press Release II

,----[ Quote ]
| Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Community of Nepal (FOSS-Nepal) observed
| the fifth international Software Freedom Day today. The day was celebrated by
| over 500 different volunteer groups in 120 countries. The theme for this
| year's celebration of FOSS-Nepal was "Create, Share, Collaborate." Honourable
| Minister of Science and Technology, Ganesh Shah started the proceedings at
| Yala Maya Kendra in Patan, Kathmandu by unveiling a compilation of Free/Open
| Source Softwares in a CD named "Nirvikalpa." Honourable Minister also
| announced the launch of a web-portal named "Prasfutan." "Prasfutan" which
| means "blossoming" in English aims to provide a collaborative environment to
| a vast number of local talents in Nepal whose creativity has a reach only up
| to a limited audience comprising of their acquaintances. This is in sync with
| the theme of "Create, Share, Collaborate."



Software Freedom Day to be marked

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the third year that Nepal is celebrating Software Freedom Day (SFD).


NepaLinux 2.0 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya released the localized Linux Distribution,
| NepaLinux 2.0 .


Kids In Jiri Love XO [One Laptop per Child]!

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, the day was a huge success and another significant step
| in raising awareness of XO and just how valuable it can and will
| be to the children of Nepal!


Founder of OpenContent at FKK Special

,----[ Quote ]
| FOSS Ka Kura a.k.a FKK is a monthly open-discussion program
| organized by FOSS Nepal Community, where FOSSians can discuss about
| FOSS, FOSS applications, Localization, GNU/Linux, etc. The main
| objective of this program is to create public awareness about
| FOSS applications and developing a Free/Open Source Community in
| Nepal. The Free/Open Source Community could involve a wide range
| of people ranging from experts, enthusiasts, FOSS advocates and so on.
| This program was formerly known as Linux Ka Kura and was organized
| by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP).


FOSS Essentials Training conducted in Nepal

,----[ Quote ]
| The key objective was to create an awareness about FOSS among
| general computer users, promote the use of FOSS and to build a
| network of FOSS practitioners and trainers in Nepal.
| FOSS Essentials Training 2007 was jointly organized by FOSS
| Nepal Community and the Center for International Cooperation
| for Computerization (CICC), Singapore. The event was supported
| by National Information Technology Center (NITC, Nepal), and
| Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP, Nepal).


Nepalese NGO Releases Localised Open CD

,----[ Quote ]
| After the release of two different versions of NepaLinux, a
| localized Linux Distribution in Nepali, the development of
| the Nepali OpenCD 1.0 is yet another attempt of Madan Puraskar
| pustakalaya for promoting the usage of localized Free and Open
| Source Software in the region.

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