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[News] Intel's Thugs Patronise European Law

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Intel rejects EU deadline, claims abuse of process

,----[ Quote ]
| According (PDF) to the Official Journal of the European Union, Intel wants 
| the EC to pay for all its court costs, extend the filing deadline to 30 days 
| after Intel receives certain documents it's seeking, and annul two previous 
| decisions in the case. Santa Clara claims that its ability to defend itself 
| has been weakened by the EC's refusal to grant it access to certain documents 
| AMD has filed as evidence in the case. It argues that the Commission's 
| Hearing Officer (roughly analogous to a judge) acted improperly when he ruled 
| that Intel did not need access to these documents in order to mount a 
| vigorous defense.         


It's simple. They should be embagoed for all the crimes. AMD can fill the gap
with x86.

Someone should explain to Intel that collusion and bribes are not legal in the


AMD court papers allege special Intel deals with PC makers

,----[ Quote ]
| AMD also makes some more sweeping allegations, including: "What this case 
| is...about is Intel's conditional payments, conditional discounts, 
| punishments, threats, coercion, and assorted technological chicanery that in 
| combination closed AMD's heightened window of opportunity and thereby 
| prevented it from achieving sustainability as a long term innovation rival. 
| Intel is in denial when it says nothing of the sort happened. The record even 
| at this early and preliminary stage of discovery is replete with instances of 
| just such misconduct."       


AMD cries foul over Intel's 'river of cash' flowing to Dell

,----[ Quote ]
| AMD's charges against Intel center on what we're calling Brokeback Syndrome.
| Intel's lucrative pricing, co-marketing and financial incentives, we're told,
| made it near impossible for customers to quit the chip vendor. Intel unfairly
| coerced server and PC makers into having Intel-only stances and into pulling
| back on AMD-based product plans, AMD alleges.
| [...]
| Most of the juicy documents in the case are heavily redacted. We know AMD's
| claims cover Intel's relationships with companies such as HP, IBM, Dell,
| Acer, Gateway, Supermicro and others. But we really don't have much in the
| way of evidence - e-mails, interviews and the like - to back up the claims of
| improper relationships.
| [...]
| "The evidence also supports AMD's claim that Intel paid IBM to delay and then
| to refrain from branding or marketing its AMD blade server."
| Later, AMD goes on the charge about Dell. It describes Intel's position that
| Dell's Intel-only stance had nothing to do with discounts as "nonsense" and
| then claims that a "river of cash" flowed to Dell from Intel.


Intel ordered to dish documents on deleted antitrust lawsuit e-mails

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel has been ordered to hand over secret employee interviews from an
| internal investigation looking into documents and e-mails that went missing
| during its antitrust trial with AMD.


Nvidia CEO details his beef with Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| Huang has spoken forthrightly in the last few months about Intel. The obvious
| question is why.
| "People thought that I had lost some of my patience with Intel recently. The
| fact of the matter is that they're out spouting things that are just not
| true. And I was just correcting that," he said.
| "Intel is a big, powerful company," I noted to Huang. "And there aren't many
| people like you in the industry, who are so blunt about Intel."
| His reaction: "Because they are Intel. Because they are a monopoly. Because
| they are a market-dominant player. They ought to be held to a higher
| standard. They shouldn't be able to say that other peoples' businesses are
| going to die."
| Huang, here, is referring to a statement by an Intel executive who recently
| said current graphics technology (sometimes referred to generally as
| rasterization) will be replaced by another kind of graphics technology
| (sometimes referred to as ray tracing), on which Intel is working.


Intel details objections to antitrust probe

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel is seeking to extend the deadline it has to respond to a month after it
| gets its hands on documents from AMD - the complainant in the case. Back in
| July Intel was handed a Statement of Objections by the Commission accusing it
| off giving rebates to retailers who promised not to stock computers from
| rival chip supplier AMD, and offering money to an Original Equipment
| Manufacturer to delay launching an AMD-based laptop and rebates if it
| switched to become an Intel-only shop.


Vista Capable? Maybe. Microsoft? Not So Much

,----[ Quote ]
| So far, Ballmer has employed the Sergeant Schultz "I know nothink" defence.
| Attorneys for the litigants want to find out what Ballmer didn't know and
| when he didn't know it. Of particular interest is what Ballmer and Intel
| honcho Paul Otellini discussed in a phone call back in January 2006, when
| Intel was chomping at the bit to get Microsoft to change its labeling
| requirements.
| [...]
| Like OJ, Microsoft might yet win the case -- despite what the evidence
| suggests. When you can afford to hire Wolfram & Hart as your attorneys, you
| can fend off anything but the apocalypse. But in the minds of anyone who's
| read those emails, they've already lost. And ultimately that's the bigger
| battle.


Ballmer ordered to testify in 'Vista' case

,----[ Quote ]
| A federal judge ordered Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to testify in a
| class-action lawsuit revolving around Microsoft's marketing prior to the
| launch of its Windows Vista operating system.


Microsoft moves to quash 'Vista Capable' case, end flood of embarrassing

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. asked a federal judge yesterday to end the class-action
| lawsuit that has been the source of a treasure trove of embarrassing insider
| e-mails that have showed the company bent to pressure from Intel Corp. and
| infuriated longtime partner Hewlett-Packard Co.


Another big batch of Microsoft e-mails

,----[ Quote ]
| More internal Microsoft e-mails were unsealed today in the Windows Vista
| Capable lawsuit, detailing the wrangling that took place inside the company
| and across the industry before and after the operating system's January 2007
| launch. The plaintiffs are using the messages to support their contention
| that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was involved enough in decisions to warrant
| a deposition.


Microsoft seeks to end Vista lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| Documents turned over in the case show Microsoft executives opposing a
| decision to lower the standards for the Vista Capable designation, with
| former Windows chief Jim Allchin saying in one e-mail that he believed the
| Vista Capable program would mislead consumers.


Court filing: HP's Hurd complained to Ballmer about rocky Vista upgrades

,----[ Quote ]
| In an e-mail message after Windows Vista's release, Hewlett-Packard Chief
| Executive Mark Hurd complained to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer about the
| computer maker's "call lines being overrun" with customers' Windows Vista
| upgrade problems, according to a court filing made public late Wednesday in
| the Windows Vista Capable lawsuit.


Time To Step Up, Steve

,----[ Quote ]
| What did Ballmer know and when did he know it?
| That's arguably the biggest question in the Microsoft "Vista Capable"
| class-action lawsuit being heard by a federal judge in a Seattle court.
| Documents unsealed last Thursday imply that the Microsoft CEO was in on the
| decision two years ago to lower technical requirements for its Vista
| operating system as a favor to chipmaker Intel, which pressured the software
| giant to slap "Vista Capable" stickers on PCs with Intel 915 chipsets,
| hardware that  lacked the firepower to run the full Vista feature set.
| Intel allegedly stood to lose "billions" of dollars if Microsoft stuck to its
| original specs because the chipmaker would have been stuck with a whole bunch
| of the Vista-inadequate 915s. And while Microsoft's concern for Intel's
| quarterly earnings results was touching in that corporate bottom-line kind of
| way, the impact on consumers was less than heart-warming.


More inside dirt coming in Vista suit?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is opposing the Ballmer deposition and that proposed method of
| distribution. But based on the principles applied previously in the case, it
| appears likely that many of the documents will be unsealed.


Call between CEOs questioned in Vista case

,----[ Quote ]
| Plaintiffs' lawyers in the 'Vista Capable' case want to know what Steve
| Ballmer said to Intel CEO Paul Otellini during a phone conversation the two
| men had on the same day that Microsoft decided to loosen the requirements
| needed for a PC to get a 'Vista Capable' sticker.


Microsoft tries to avoid Ballmer deposition in Vista suit

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer is the subject of a new legal
| squabble in a lawsuit over the company's Windows Vista marketing practices.


Vista Capable plaintiffs subpoena PC titans

,----[ Quote ]
| Other notable names on the list include Intel and former Windows chief Jim
| Allchin.


Microsoft tries to stop more ‘Vista-capable’ e-mails from going public

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is trying to put the kibosh on more of its internal (and
| embarassing) e-mail messages around its Vista marketing plans going public.
| [...]
| With every version of Windows, Microsoft has worked with hardware partners to
| find new ways to try to convince users they need more and more powerful
| machines to take advantage of more feature-rich software. If Microsoft and
| its partners were/are successful, it means more money in the PC makers’ and
| Microsoft’s coffers. With Vista, this pact really back-fired, as the already
| published e-mails around Vista-capable — and more, as-yet-unpublicized
| messages — will make evident.      


Microsoft challenges 'Vista Capable' class action

,----[ Quote ]
| If granted, the motion would also postpone any new disclosures of potentially
| embarrassing company e-mails.


They Criticized Vista. And They Should Know.

,----[ Quote ]
| Act 1: In 2005, Microsoft plans to say that only PCs that are properly
| equipped to handle the heavy graphics demands of Vista are “Vista Ready.”
| Act 2: In early 2006, Microsoft decides to drop the graphics-related hardware
| requirement in order to avoid hurting Windows XP sales on low-end machines
| while Vista is readied. (A customer could reasonably conclude that Microsoft
| is saying, Buy Now, Upgrade Later.) A semantic adjustment is made: Instead of
| saying that a PC is “Vista Ready,” which might convey the idea that, well, it
| is ready to run Vista, a PC will be described as “Vista Capable,” which
| supposedly signals that no promises are made about which version of Vista
| will actually work.      
| The decision to drop the original hardware requirements is accompanied by
| considerable internal protest. The minimum hardware configuration was set so
| low that “even a piece of junk will qualify,” Anantha Kancherla, a Microsoft
| program manager, said in an internal e-mail message among those recently
| unsealed, adding, “It will be a complete tragedy if we allowed it.”    
| Act 3: In 2007, Vista is released in multiple versions, including “Home
| Basic,” which lacks Vista’s distinctive graphics. This placed Microsoft’s
| partners in an embarrassing position. Dell, which gave Microsoft a postmortem
| report that was also included among court documents, dryly
| remarked: “Customers did not understand what ‘Capable’ meant and expected
| more than could/would be delivered.”    


Microsoft knew of Vista shortcoming prior to release


Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits


Microsoft 'Caves' To Intel


Has Vista lost all credibility?


E-mail: Microsoft 'botched' dealings with Intel, HP

,----[ Quote ]
| Internal Microsoft e-mails revealed through a federal class-action lawsuit
| arising from the troubled launch last year of the Windows Vista operating
| system have provided a provocative inside look at the software giant's
| machinations with Intel, HP and Dell.  
| The e-mails include an exchange in which one senior Microsoft executive
| described dealings with computer makers as "really botched." Another manager
| complained Microsoft was "caving to Intel" and "really burning HP."  
| The e-mails are included in 145 pages of documents unsealed by U.S. District
| Judge Marsha Pechman in Seattle late Wednesday. They include internal
| reports and some handwritten notes that offer a rare look inside at the
| famed "Wintel" partnership, and touch upon the alliance's dealings with
| Hewlett-Packard, Dell and other computer makers.    



AMD alleges Intel suffering an e-mail epidemic

,----[ Quote
| McCoy said that the case in Delaware which is sending everyone into the
| deepest of snoozes was "bogged down" because of Intel's "epidemic failure" in
| its ability to produce emails.


Intel's anti-trust memos started vanishing from the top

,----[ Quote ]
| Chairman Craig Barrett, CEO Paul Otellini and sales chief Sean Maloney
| have appeared on a list of Intel employees thought to have deleted
| e-mails possibly relevant to AMD's anti-trust lawsuit against its
| larger rival. The missing e-mails have thrust a livid state of mind
| onto AMD's lawyers who have very serious problems with Intel's
| rather lax document retention policy.
| [...]
| CEO Otellini appears to have been one of these troublesome employees.


U.S. judge orders Intel to try to recover e-mails

,----[ Quote ]
| Farnan gave Intel 30 days to recover as many of the missing e-mails
| as possible and to draw up a report on the steps it is taking to do
| so, Mulloy said.


AMD: Intel Destroyed Evidence in Antitrust Case

,----[ Quote ]
| In an unpublished statement to the U.S. District Court of Delaware,
| AMD alleges Intel allowed the destruction of evidence in pending
| antitrust litigation.


Negroponte says Intel should be "ashamed of itself"

,----[ Quote ]
| He is furious that Intel's CEO Craig Barrett called the One Laptop a
| gadget. The Negroponte initiative is caught in the middle of a vicious
| fight between AMD and Intel, he said.


Intel overwhelmed by EU complaints

,----[ Quote ]
| So many charges, so little time.
| Intel Chairman Craig Barrett appears overwhelmed by a European Union
| investigation into the company's actions. Earlier this month, European
| Competition Commission officials busted open Intel offices in Munich, hunting
| for documents related to alleged price fixing with retailers. That raid added
| to an existing EC investigation into Intel's business practices.


Microsoft, Intel and Dell: The Tech Love Triangle

,----[ Quote ]
| It is becoming well known that Microsoft have achieved their current market
| share status by making major computer manufacturers sign licensing deals, so
| as to distribute a copy of Windows with every computer sold. What many people
| don't realise, is how difficult it is to get a computer from the
| manufacturers without Windows.
| [...]
| This is first-hand experience of the power of Microsoft's monopolistic
| practices, and it really does annoy me. It seems not so long ago that I
| praised Dell for their support, but along with Microsoft, they have now lost
| a customer entirely.
| Needless to say, we are now looking to buy a system from a local shop with no
| OS.


Investors sue Dell on payments from Intel: WSJ

,----[ Quote ]
| An investor lawsuit seeking class-action status accuses Dell Inc. of
| improper accounting in its relationship with chip giant Intel,
| according to a media report published Thursday evening.
| [...]
| The suit alleges that Dell received at times as much as $1 billion
| a year in "secret and likely illegal" kickbacks in the form of
| "e-Cap" or "exception to corporate average pricing" payments"
| from Intel to ensure that Dell used no other chip supplier,
| according to The Journal.

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