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[News] New Elive GNU/Linux Released; PC/OS 2009 Runs Windows Binaries

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Available Now: Elive 1.9.18

,----[ Quote ]
| Elive team proudly announced last evening yet another development release of 
| their GNU/Linux Live CD, Elive 1.9.18, which brings a new and improved 
| kernel, better network configurator and many other updates. "This version 
| includes a greatly improved new kernel and a lot of upgraded packages." - 
| said the Elive developers in the official release announcement.    
| As mentioned, the kernel package has been updated (to version, and 
| includes the following improvements: 
| • Wireless improvements: The kernel now contains all the available wireless 
|   drivers, including ath9k from Atheros; 
| • Apple MacBooks improvements: With the introduction of the ath9k wireless 
|   driver, the WEP encryption bug in MacBooks has been solved. 


PC/OS 2009 OpenWorkstation Review

,----[ Quote ]
| There are quite a few Linux distributions out there that are geared towards 
| the novice Linux user, but everyone is created a bit differently, whether its  
| the packages that they include by default or the distribution as its base 
| Linux can be configured to suit anyone's needs.  
| [...]
| If for some reason you want to say use a Windows software program in PC/OS, 
| Wine is available. Wine is a program that lets you install a variety of 
| Windows applications on your Linux machine without the need of having a 
| Windows installation. As stated some programs work better than others so you 
| would have to head on over to Wine's website for a list of supported 
| applications. It is nice to see Wine included by default as installation 
| might be cumbersome to a novice.       


As good as Ubuntu/Kubuntu.


Elive 1.9.10 ScreenShots

,----[ Quote ]
| This is our first ScreenShot review of Elive Linux! I just want to say
| congratulation to the Elive Linux team for making such a sweet desktop OS. I
| have used Enlightenment in the past but not as much as I have used Gnome.
| From trying out Enlightenment just a few seconds ago it was amazingly fast
| and quite east to navigate, with just clicking once on the desktop the
| Enlightenment menu appears.


Elive The Age Of Enlightenment

,----[ Quote ]
| It is a solid, full-featured OS in its own right, thanks to its Debian
| heritage, with Enlightenment making for a particularly tasty, if somewhat
| exotic icing on the cake.



,----[ Quote ]
| I saw the distrowatch announcement on the ELive beta, so I figured I would
| give it a try. On a very low end system with an old intel card, this thing is
| fast and definitely has a wow factor. I recommend anyone with a spare blank
| cd check it out. Enlightenment used to be the king of window managers, it
| could be again if they keep this up.



First look at Elive 1.0

,----[ Quote ]
| I love Elive and version 1.0 is a wonderful first full release. Just about
| everything works and works well. The system and applications are stable and
| fast performing and Elive looks exceptionally beautiful doing it.



,----[ Quote ]
| Summarizing, Elive 1.0 Gem's strenght  is actually it's graphical/animative
| prowess. Since  Elive 1.0 aka Elive Gem is based on Debian Etch,  I am not
| surprised at all that it is a very stable Linux distro.


Enlighten your desktop with Elive

,----[ Quote ]
| Elive's been in development for several years now and in fact is so
| popular that its developer, Samuel "Thanatermesis" F. Baggen, works on
| it full time. In this month's article, Samuel explains his reasons for
| spinning Elive and how the distro has evolved over the years.


Elive - Are You Ready for a New Linux Experience?

,----[ Quote ]
| In conclusion, even if the E 17 window manager is still in heavy development,
| it still looks and acts very well on this stable version of Elive. The
| development team exceeded all my expectations, because of the work they did
| on the E 17 customization and all the other improvements and innovation to
| ease our lives. Try Elive right now, because you will love it, you will adore
| it and most of all, I'll promise you will be addicted to it a long time from
| now on.


Elive Revolution Released

,----[ Quote ]
| The new version STABLE of Elive is finally released, codename Revolution,
| new screenshots section, using the new systems for the LiveCD mode, a lot
| of work is done on this release of Elive since the last stable release
| called Serenity, the changelog is huge...

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