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[News] [Riva] Apple Named Most Harmful to the Environment

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Latest Greenpeace Rankings Still Put Apple Down

,----[ Quote ]
| It's almost Thanksgiving, and you know what that means: arguments and 
| bickering. Apple and Greenpeace are going at in style: hot on the heels of 
| Apple's passive aggressive green MacBook ads, the environmental organization 
| has released the latest version of its Guide to Greener Electronics 
| which--and come on, are you really surprised?--shows Apple falling in the 
| ranks despite its recent improvements.     



Green Scorecard Puts IBM Top, Apple Last

,----[ Quote ]
| An organic climate change lobby group has issued green ratings for hardware 
| and software-based IT suppliers as well as other businesses. IBM leads the 
| IT pack while Apple, Amazon and eBay are bottom with zero green 
| credentials.


Apple has toxic core: Greenpeace

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite Apple's launch of the eco-friendly iPhone last week,
| Greenpeace is demanding an environmental revolution that will
| shake the company to its core.



Use GNU/Linux and help save the planet

,----[ Quote ]
| Are Windows users, not by choice, the worst polluters of the planet
| relative to GNU/Linux? Well, not intentionally but the lifecycle of
| a machine running Windows must be shorter than that of a
| conscientious Linux user who can prevent that old 400MHZ Celeron PC
| with 128MBs of memory gathering dust in the corner from heading for
| the scrapheap. 
| [...]
| The Chinese have a saying: the journey of a thousand miles begins
| with the first step. Reusing a puffing and wheezing old computer
| by installing a minimal GNU/Linux distro and staving off the day
| when it trudges forlornly to the scrapheap is at least a baby step
| in the right direction.


Going green

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is a free, open-source alternative to Windows that will happily
| run on older computers that struggle to run XP or Vista.


Computers in schools are an environmental time-bomb

,----[ Quote ]
| Schools are using computers as room
| heaters which then need to be cooled using expensive air conditioning
| and Modern thin-client networks could reverse this trend and are
| available from the Open Source community and vendors of proprietary
| software today.

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