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[News] Fighter Against Patent Trolls Still Harassed, Trolls Strike Again

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Troll Tracker defamation update: Cisco wants to see tax returns, evidence
of 'mental anguish'

,----[ Quote ]
| Before departing, I took some time to study up on some of my most-followed 
| cases there. As regular readers know, former Patent Troll Tracker blogger 
| Rick Frenkel was sued by two East Texas patent lawyers after his identity was 
| revealed.   
| Not much has changed in these lawsuits. The parties in Ward v. Cisco are 
| still fighting over venue, and in Albritton v. Cisco they're fighting 
| discovery battles, but since I checked up on them anyhow I'll take a minute 
| to update both cases.    


LML Patent Corp. Files Patent Infringement Suit Against 19 Defendants

,----[ Quote ]
| In the suit, LML alleges that the defendants infringe U.S. Patent No. 
| RE40220. LML is seeking damages, injunctive and other relief for the alleged 
| infringement of these patents.   


Wonderful. Land of the MAFIAA, the trolls, and the racketeers. Those who stand
up for change lose their job and get sued.


Bill Gates, top Microsoft executives do some of their inventing on the side

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Gates and several of Microsoft’s top technologists are credited as
| inventors in eight newly disclosed U.S. patent applications. That isn’t a
| surprise. But here’s where it starts to get unusual: The applications weren’t
| made on Microsoft’s behalf.|
| [...]
| Here's what we know: An entity called Searete LLC applied for the patents.
| Searete is part of Intellectual Ventures LLC, the Bellevue-based invention
| house run by Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft’s former chief technology officer.
| Myhrvold’s company has stirred controversy with its large patent hoard.


Top Microsoft Execs Moonlighting For a Patent Bully

,----[ Quote ]
| "TechFlash reports that Microsoft bigwigs like Craig Mundie and Bill Gates
| (when he still worked there) have been secretly moonlighting at Intellectual
| Ventures (IV), the 'patent extortion fund' run by Bill's pal Nathan Myhrvold.
| A Microsoft spokesman confirmed that its technologists have been sitting in
| on IV-sponsored 'innovation sessions,' where their pearls of wisdom were
| captured and turned into patent applications for Searete, an IV shadow
| corporate entity. And if all goes well, Searete will soon enjoy exclusive
| rights to the fruit of the brainstorming, which includes processes ranging
| from determining and rewarding 'influencers' to treating malaria, HIV, TB,
| hepatitis, smallpox, and cancer."


Microsoft fueling Intellectual Ventures, OpenOffice, and other conspiracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Of more concern was the TechFlash's news that Bill Gates, Craig Mundie, and
| other top current and past Microsoft officials make a regular pilgrimage to
| the patent troll, Intellectual Ventures, to feed it ideas which it turns into
| patents. Regardless of what one thinks about patents, shouldn't Microsoft be
| feeding itself with patents, not another company? In other words, shouldn't
| it be the patent troll?

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