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[News] Growth of 700% Marked by Free/Open Source EDC Software

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Open Source EDC Software Surpasses 16,000 Downloads; Fueled by Professional
Open Source Model

,----[ Quote ]
| Akaza Research, LLC announces that the OpenClinica software for electronic 
| data capture (http://www.openclinica.org/section.php?sid=1) in clinical 
| trials has been downloaded over 16,000 times. Since its debut in late 2005, 
| OpenClinica has quickly become the world's most popular open source clinical 
| trials software. The company previously announced it had experienced 2,000 
| OpenClinica downloads as of August 2006 representing a growth of 700% since 
| that time.      


F/OSS is making it big these days... the likes of Partner Group resort to just
FUD because everything else has failed for Microsoft and its cronies.

Kaltura's Open Source Video Platform Powers Dori Media Group's Novebox.com, the
World's First Social Network Dedicated to Telenovela

,----[ Quote ]
| Novebox Also Features Dori Media Group's New Telenovela Show -- "Amanda O"; 
| Users Can Share, Upload and Edit Rich-Media on Novebox.com, as Well as View, 
| Participate and Even Remix Their Own Episodes of "Amanda O" Using Kaltura's 
| technology   



Growing open standards pressure on healthcare

,----[ Quote ]
| The chorus for open standards in healthcare computing just keeps growing.
| The latest move is that of Dossia, an alliance of health care technologists
| mainly on the consumer or medical office side of things, to join Continua, a
| separate consortium which includes many hospital computing vendors.


Women and Children's Health Research Institute Adds to OpenClinica Software
Developer Community

,----[ Quote ]
| The Women and Children's Health Research Institute, a collaboration between
| the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, announces it has
| joined the OpenClinica open source developer community. The Institute has
| become an active contributor to the popular open source clinical trials
| software project.


Open Source Software Workshop OSEHC 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software is thought to be one of the driving forces in overcoming
| the fragmentation in the health IT market. However, barriers like lack of
| long-term professional support [editor's note: this may be universal for all
| health IT] or uncertainty of cost saving capability hinders open source
| software to gain a reasonable market share.


Will Open Source Breathe New Life Into Health Care Cost Savings?

,----[ Quote ]
| A California bill calls for interoperable records and a full,
| hospital-running health care IT system that's open source. That's music to
| provider Medsphere, which backs OpenVista.


Open Source Software a Booster Shot for Health Care?

,----[ Quote ]
| California Representative Pete Stark introduced the bill on September 15th.
| The particularly intriguing thing is that it isn't just the records that Rep.
| Stark is proposing be in an open, exchangeable format. He is proposing that
| the health information technology system itself be open source, whether it is
| newly created, or based on an existing open source health record system. The
| bill mentions VistA, the health record system used by the U.S. Department of
| Veterans Affairs, as a possible starting place for open source development.
| And indeed, the efforts in this area were started prior to the bill proposal.
| Medsphere has its OpenVista software and a number of specific modules
| developed for different health care settings.


Open-source company targets public health apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source technology proponents launched a project last week to build
| public health and safety applications using the open-source software
| development model.
| The TriSano project, launched Sept. 16 under the auspices of the
| Collaborative Software Initiative, is initially working with Utah state
| officials to develop a system for monitoring and managing disease outbreaks.


Will Kolodner lead industry toward open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Robert Kolodner, a long-time IT leader for the Veterans Administration, is
| going to be the key man in bringing about a national system of Electronic
| Health Records (EHRs). (Picture from the AARP.)


house.gov 's Health e-IT act of 2008: they want an OS EMR !

,----[ Quote ]
| By my stopwatch, it's been around 11 years since it was obvious that an Open
| Source EMR to rule them all was the way to go. Nice to see the goverment
| actually catch on.


Medsphere.org becomes a forge

,----[ Quote ]
| They are in soft-launch now, and will make a formal announcement soon. The
| new site is far more community-friendly than the old one. Its a critical part
| of the Medsphere strategy to get the VistA community to migrate from Hardhats
| (and the FOIA VistA/WorldVistA that is typically discussed there) to
| medsphere.org and (which centers on OpenVistA).


Open Health Tools gets first big donation

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Health Tools, the open source project launched this spring by Eclipse
| founder Skip McGaughey, has gotten its first big code donation.
| It’s called Open HIE, or Open Health Information Exchange. It consists of
| modules to link a master record to personal information, and to retrieve
| records from known locations.


Hospital software vendor McKesson uses Linux to heal IT budgets

,----[ Quote ]
| At first, convincing hospital executives to go with McKesson's Linux-based
| applications was difficult because of fears that Linux wouldn't be as
| reliable as Unix, which had been in their IT shops for years, Simpson
| said. "It took some time for them to understand that open source is safe,
| that open source has support," he added.
| The deal with Red Hat "really kicked the program into gear," he said,
| allowing McKesson to offer its software with Red Hat Enterprise Linux in a
| top-to-bottom package for mission-critical hospital IT systems.


Is Linux enough for open source medical advocates?

,----[ Quote ]
| The change occurs on the back-end, where Linux is the OS, and where customers
| may even choose MySQL or Ingres as their database technology.
| McKesson says 75% of its roughly 2,500 hospital customers have embraced the
| change, with Oracle as the company’s current database of choice. “The best of
| both worlds” the company says.


The Linux of Healthcare

,----[ Quote ]
| What makes this one different from other HIS in the market? "It's an
| integrated and probably the only healthcare solution based on open source
| technology, making the customer vendor-neutral," says Raman.



Red Hat enters healthcare sector

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat Software Services, provider of Linux and open source technologies, is
| foraying into the Indian healthcare sector.
| Red Hat's Global Support Services vice-president Lain Gray said the company
| plans to facilitate the sharing of patients' data and history within various
| hospitals to promote better healthcare services.

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