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[News] Silicon Graphics Boxes Reborn with Free Software

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Breathing new life into those old Silicon Graphics machines

,----[ Quote ]
| With IRIX officially dead, the Open Source community is the only place any 
| sort of IRIX-related development is happening. The crew over at Nekochan have 
| developed Nekoware, an entire distribution of Open Source apps ported to 
| IRIX, tuned and optimised for MIPS.   


They have moved to GNU/Linux only.


SGI Platforms Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 Clear IT Security Hurdle

,----[ Quote
| Passing the evaluation, which was performed by atsec, means that SGI Altix
| systems received Common Criteria Security Certification EAL 4+ from the
| National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), a U.S. Government
| initiative developed to meet the security testing needs of both IT consumers
| and producers.


SGI Pushes Into Data Warehousing with Linux Supers and Oracle

,----[ Quote ]
| Specifically, SGI is partnering with database maker Oracle to create data
| warehouses that run on its Linux-based Altix supercomputers. The solution
| that the two companies have come up with is called the Adaptive Data
| Warehouse, and it combines Altix servers, SGI's InfiniteStorage disk arrays,
| and the Oracle database with the Real Application Clusters (RAC) clustered
| database extensions.


SGI slots 'Seaburg' chipset into blades

,----[ Quote ]
| Altix ICE blades now include SGI ProPack for Linux, which gives granular
| control over throughput and I/O performance. The blades also include an
| updated version of SGI's Tempo cluster management tool. Tempo lets admins
| restrict traffic within the rack or within the blades themselves to keep
| extraneous traffic off the network.



SGI: Still Alive And Kicking

,----[ Quote ]
| Changing times. IRIX and MIPS, the company's proprietary Unix and
| semiconductors, respectively, fell out of favor as the industry shifted to
| x86 and Linux.


Born-Again SGI Spreads Its Wings

,----[ Quote ]
| Another key aspect of their strategy in this market is the company's
| Industrial Strength Linux Environment (ISLE) initiative, aimed at creating a
| software environment that meets the expectations of high performance business
| computing customers.


SGI Launches Blade-Style Altix Linux Supers

,----[ Quote ]
| The new Altix Integrated Compute Environment is another step in the
| evolution of SGI, which has created a respected Altix platform using
| NUMA clustering of Itanium processors to create very large and very
|  powerful global memory clusters that run Linux.

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