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[News] More Governments Embrace Free Software

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Homage to Catalonia

,----[ Quote ]
| There is something of a battle going on over the use of open source by local 
| and national governments. 
| Mostly, this centres on cost, together with various technical issues. But one 
| area that is frequently overlooked is the fact that open source software that 
| is created by such bodies can also be used free of charge by businesses.  


County praised for new, interactive Growth Management Web site

,----[ Quote ]
| A commitment to open government, a desire to save money and the challenge of 
| intellectual exercise has led to a totally interactive Alachua County Growth 
| Management Department Web site that is drawing national attention for its 
| completeness and innovation.   
| [...]
| Papajorgji said the programs were developed in-house and was done largely 
| with the use of open-source software and open technology - again saving the 
| county money by not buying software or consultants to design the system.  



Manou Chen of Open.Amsterdam (video interview)

,----[ Quote ]
| Open.Amsterdam (in Dutch; English PDF download available here) is working to
| convert most of the city of Amsterdam's computers to GNU/Linux and open
| source software, and to make sure that any remaining proprietary-OS computers
| owned by the city use open file formats instead of closed, proprietary ones.
| In this interview, project director Manuo Chen tells us how the project is
| going and a little about its goals -- and a little about some of the pitfalls
| it has encountered, too.



Domino: The Netherlands

,----[ Quote ]
| It is hard to believe, but Heise reports that Microsoft was threatening the
| Dutch government to sue it before the European Court of Juctice which would
| be a competition case.  


FOSS in Dutch government

,----[ Quote ]
| There will be an office where people can complain if they cannot communicate
| with the government using open standards. So non-compliance of government
| agencies will be measured.


Dutch government threatens to sideline Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Proposed legislation that would mandate the use of the Open Document Format
| (ODF) across the entire Dutch government has infuriated Microsoft.
| [...]
| Microsoft Netherlands has engaged in fierce lobbying in an attempt to derail
| the plan. The company argues that the current definition is too narrow,
| specifically by mandating ODF rather than open standards in general

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