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[News] Making CD Labels with GNU/Linux, Testing with Live CDs

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Three applications for making disc labels

,----[ Quote ]
| Making labels for DVDs and their cases is an often overlooked task. Many 
| discs are lucky to have some terse information quickly scrawled on them after 
| burning. But there are some fine open source applications available for 
| creating labels for CD-ROM and DVD disks and printing jewel case inserts, 
| including gLabels, kover, and cdlabelgen.    


Testing the Linux Waters - Live CD vs Dual Boot

,----[ Quote ]
| There are some people whose interest in Linux is borne out of mere curiosity. 
| And a good number of them can’t muster enough courage to go all the way right 
| away. That is, to outright replace their Windows working environment with 
| Linux. It is understandable that they would prefer a setup wherein they can 
| continue working in the environment that they are familiar with and be able 
| to try out Linux during their spare time. Luckily, these people have a couple 
| of options: a Live CD or a Dual Boot System.      
| Live CD’s
| Live CD’s are bootable compact disks that allow you to explore the features 
| of an operating system (in this case, Linux) as if you were in that 
| particular OS. To use, you simply load the Live CD into your optical drive, 
| boot up your PC, and presto! – You’d be on your way to your first Linux 
| experience.    



Linux Driver Now Available for Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printers

,----[ Quote ]
| Seiko Instruments USA, the pioneer of the one-label-at-a-time “smart” 
| printer, is now offering a printer driver compatible with the Linux Operating 
| System for its Smart Label Printers (SLPs).   


LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling Launches Public Linux Toolkit

,----[ Quote ]
| LightScribe announced the release of publicly-available Linux
| development tools for its Direct Disc Labeling technology.


LaCie Offers Complete Burning Solution With LightScribe Labeller For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| LaCie announced it is the first to offer a complete
| burning and LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling solution
| for all operating systems. This includes the first-ever
| LightScribe Labeler software for Linux...

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