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Re: The sound of empire falling

After takin' a swig o' grog, Sandeep Kumar belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

>> http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=647
> The netbook is the perfect platform for Linux because those devices are
> designed to be pretty much set it and forget type platforms which is much
> unlike standard laptops and desktop systems where upgrades both software
> and hardware are far more common.The netbooks have one problem and that is
> the price differential between them and real laptops is very small and yet
> aside from size the real laptops are more powerful.

<sniff sniff>

Anyway, one point people seem to miss about the netbooks is that they are
meant to be very portable and have a longer battery life.  I would not carry
a laptop in my car and to everywhere I go, but I would a netbook.

I agree about the pricing, though, at least for the most visible brands.

> There are signs of this
> changing however and if the market continues to grow for these type of
> devices the price will drop.As for the cost of licensing Windows vs Linux
> that claim has been made for many years and has not seemed to matter much
> in terms of the adoption of Linux.In reality Linux has one major hurdle to
> jump and that is the fact that Windows based machines own the market and
> businesses as well as consumers have a lot of time and money invested in
> the Windows platform and thus are unlikely to switch.Maybe the netbook
> phenom will be the catalyst for the move toward Linux but I remain
> skeptical.

Not much you can do if people believe they are wedded to specific apps.

Amazing how much computing ignorance is out there....

The second best policy is dishonesty.

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