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[News] Apple Sued for Infringing on 'Intellectual' Monopoly

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Apple Sued For Patent Infringement

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple has been named in a patent infringement lawsuit by EMG Technology who 
| alleges that the iPhone infringes on a patent that enables the device to 
| browse the Web.  
| [...]
| An attorney for EMG, Stanley Gibson said U.S. Patent No. 7,441,196 is one of 
| five patents for navigating the Internet on mobile devices and Internet 
| Protocol Television. (IPTV)  


Apple Sued Over iPhone Browser

,----[ Quote ]
| EMG Technology is a company that holds the patents of Elliot Gottfurcht, the 
| real estate developer, as well as Marlo Longstreet and Grant Gottfurcht. The 
| company claims that the iPhone infringes on patent 7, 441, 196- a patent that 
| was approved only last month, after a filing process that began on March 13, 
| 2006.    


Apple Slapped With Patent Suit Over iPhone’s Browser

,----[ Quote ]
| The name of the patent is “Apparatus and method of manipulating a region on a 
| wireless device screen for viewing, zooming and scrolling internet content.” 
| It was filed on March 13, 2006.  


More 'fun' with 'Intellectual' Monopolies:

Patent disputes about chip technologies

,----[ Quote ]
| Although there are few official press releases available, it seems that 
| numerous well-known chip manufacturers are arguing about patents apparently 
| involving tungsten metallisation processes.  



Apple's Success Brings More Patent Lawsuits

,----[ Quote ]
| During the first four months of 2008, Apple was named as a defendant in eight 
| patent infringement lawsuits, up from five during the same period in 2007. 
| Only one such lawsuit was filed during the first four months of 2006, on 
| behalf of Burst.com. Apple settled that lawsuit for $10 million last 
| November. The first four months of 2005 also brought just one patent lawsuit 
| against Apple. In 2004, three patent lawsuits were filed against Apple from 
| January through the end of April.      



,----[ Quote ]
| Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't that patch illegal because Apple
| has an patent on this effect? Confused At least its illegal in the US,
| not in Europe (afaik we don't have software patents yet).


Apple sued over iPhone caller ID

,----[ Quote ]
| Figa's patent, describes an "an automatic incoming telephone call number 
| display system for detecting an incoming call and identifying the party 
| associated with the incoming call number".  
| Like the iPhone, the system "includes a directory of telephone numbers and 
| parties associated with those numbers," and it's equipped with "circuitry 
| detects the origin telephone number of an incoming telephone call and 
| compares that number with numbers in the directory for identifying the 
| calling party."    


Apple sued for visual voicemail patent infringement - again

,----[ Quote ]
| It is the second time Klausner has had a bash at the suit, after it updated 
| its original complaint from December. The outfit claims both Apple and AT&T 
| infringed its patent of a “Telephone Answering Device Linking Displayed Data 
| with Recorded Audio Message”.   


KDE king Seigo talks life, free software and reinventing the desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple doesn't get the open source development model and has a very control 
| oriented corporate culture and that doesn't mesh very well with an open, 
| collaborative environment. Apple is getting better at it, or at least parts 
| of Apple are getting it. I hope to look at it in five years and say this was 
| growing pains for Apple to get where it is.    


Apple failing to understand open source

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a cost for not being a good Open Source citizen and that
| cost is loss of goodwill in the community. That loss is more
| expensive in the long run than Apple realizes.


Mozilla exec calls Apple's Safari plan 'duopolistic'

,----[ Quote ]
| In the speech predicting how Apple would expand its market share, Jobs showed 
| a slide with Safari dominating almost a quarter of the market--a market 
| shared only with a single other browser, Internet Explorer.  
| Lilly says he doesn't believe that this was an omission or simplification, 
| but instead an indication that Jobs is hoping to steal people who use Firefox 
| and other smaller browsers in order to run a "duopoly" with Redmond.  


Researcher Blasts Apple for 'Negligent' Patching

,----[ Quote ]
| A researcher who went public last month with the first iPhone vulnerability 
| says Apple's updating of the open-source components it uses in Mac OS X is 
| inexcusable and negligent.  


Wozniak hates Open Sauce

,----[ Quote ]
| In an interview with eWeek, Woz said that there are always people who want 
| things to be free and the open-source movement starts with those sort of 
| people.  

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