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[News] The Real Purpose of GNU/Linux and Free Software

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Free as in Freedom, Not Free as in Freeloader 

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux and Free Software make some demands on users. We are expected to build 
| some skills and acquire some knowledge, and participate in the community 
| because taking without giving is not ethical. A growing user community should 
| mean a growing pool of contributors, rather than a growing number of demands 
| and complaints.    
| [...]
| What do you get in return? More control of your own computing infrastructure, 
| knowledge, being part of something that matters, and for me the best part is 
| that "I built something worthwhile today" feeling.   



Letter to the Editor: Free Software Means 'Freedom'

,----[ Quote ]
| As the founder of the free software movement and author of the GNU General
| Public License, I am writing to correct a misleading characterisation of free
| software presented in William Venema's article about open source. National
| Law Journal, Oct. 20.
| I do not wish to defend open source, which I have never supported. I disagree
| with its choice of basic values, which exclude freedom and social solidarity,
| the values with which the free software movement is most concerned. (When the
| open source camp split off from the free software movement in 1998, its
| purpose was none other than to downplay this ethical level.) Rather, I wish
| to set the record straight about free software.

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