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[News] Ubuntu Developer Interview: Dustin Kirkland

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Interview with Dustin Kirkland: Ubuntu Server Developer

,----[ Quote ]
| For the first installment in my Ubuntu Developer Interview series, we have 
| Dustin Kirkland, a member of the Ubuntu Server team. As you will see, in each 
| of the interviews, I have some questions that are tailored specifically for 
| each developer, as well as some general interest questions. I hope you enjoy 
| these interviews as much as I have.    



Canonical Offering Sponsorships to Ubuntu Developer Summit

,----[ Quote ]
| Anxious to go to the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Mountain View, CA this
| December but lack the funds to get there? Canonical is accepting requests for
| sponsorship and a lucky few will receive travel, entrance, and accommodations
| at no cost. It's not a free ride, though. Event organizers will definitely
| put the winners to work.
| Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon says, "This time around we expect
| everyone we sponsor to lead at least one discussion around a topic that
| relates to one of the above topics - this means that you will schedule at
| least one session, lead the discussion and make notes about the outcome of
| the discussion. For sessions you are not leading, we still expect you to
| participate through the week and join in the discussions....We will also
| expect you to make the notes available at the end of the week so we can
| provide UDS proceedings for the wider community."


Second Ubuntu Developer Week!

,----[ Quote ]
| ‘The Ubuntu Developer Week is designed to give you an overview of what’s
| going on in the Ubuntu Developer world. Speak to the developers, learn, ask
| questions and finally realise “It’s true, I can make a difference by
| helping out here.”



Ubuntu Brainstorm Site Takes the Community Pulse

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu has launched a new community feedback site, dubbed Brainstorm, where 
| users can post ideas and suggest improvements they'd like to see in the 
| popular Linux distribution. You can also comment and vote on other people's 
| suggestions and ideas for improving Ubuntu.   


MPAA Forced To Take Down University Toolkit

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu developer Matthew Garrett has succeeded in getting the MPAA to remove 
| their 'University Toolkit' after claims it violated the GNU GPL. After 
| several unsuccessful attempts to contact the MPAA directly, Garrett 
| eventually emailed the group's ISP and the violating software was taken down.   


Ubuntu Developer Summit lays out vision for strong Hardy Heron release

,----[ Quote ]
| A complete visual refresh is also planned, including a completely new icon 
| theme that will use more SVG and integrate better with the Tango icons used 
| by GNOME and other upstream projects. Another topic that was very briefly 
| discussed was the possibility of creating a GTK theme that takes advantage of 
| compositing functionality, something that probably won't happen within the 
| Hardy development cycle. The visual refresh plans are extensive, and were 
| discussed in greater detail during the Hardy theming spec session.      


Ubuntu Developer Summit lays out vision for strong Hardy Heron release

,----[ Quote ]
| Most of the goals for Hardy Heron look very promising and feasible. Shifting 
| away from the emphasis on new features in order to improve reliability is a 
| good way to shore up some of the biggest gaps so that the long-term support 
| release is very strong. As major hardware vendors begin to consider joining 
| Dell in offering Linux preinstallation, the availability of a robust release 
| with three years of support will make Ubuntu much more tempting for these 
| companies.      

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