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[News] Glimpse at Photo Management and Music in GNU/Linux

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Photo Management on Linux - Part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving in America. As I have yet to make any 
| progress in convincing the Swiss to also make it a holiday, and we tend to 
| have rather large Thanksgiving dinner gatherings, we generally have our 
| celebration the weekend before or after the actual day. As Thanksgiving falls 
| particularly late this year, we opted for the weekend before, and had 20 or 
| so people for dinner Saturday. That resulted in a lot of digital pictures 
| being taken, which brought my attention back to photo management on Linux.      


Why there are over 2 dozen music players

,----[ Quote ]
| People often groan when they hear of someone making another game of Tetris, 
| Window Manager, or audio program.  After all, people ask, “Do we really need 
| another?  Why can’t you just contribute to fixing annoying bug X in 
| gTetris/KDE/xmms?”  I’ve always been on the side of the argument that 
| said - “So what!  They’re doing it for free.  Not only that, but they’re not 
| getting paid for this.  It’s their hobby.  So you can’t tell them what to 
| make.  If they don’t WANT to help Amarok, then leave them alone.  Don’t 
| download their program and they will eventually lose interest.”  I’ve never 
| been one for telling people what they should do in their spare time.  (Not in 
| any serious sense, anyway)         



View and Back Up Photos While on the Go

,----[ Quote ]
| The Picture Porter Elite employs a fast, efficient, Linux-based
| operating system that's easy to navigate. 
| [...]
| I had no trouble navigating the P-5000's refined menus. The
| Linux-based software let me scroll quickly through images; the
| menus let me create albums and slide shows on the fly, and
| assign individual ratings to photos and albums.


Top Linux photo managers side-by-side

,----[ Quote ]
| We'll take a look at DigiKam and F-Spot, then examine some
| lesser-known alternatives, including Google's proprietary Picasa.

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