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[News] Mozilla Reaches a One Billion Milestone

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One billion Mozilla add-ons

,----[ Quote ]
| The Mozilla add-ons team this past week announced that it had seen its 
| billionth add-on downloaded since it started tracking in 2005. 


about:addons - 1 billion!, Firefox 3.1, Fennec, New features & more

,----[ Quote ]
| In this issue…
|     * 1 billion served!
|     * Fashion Your Firefox
|     * Add-ons for Fennec
|     * First-run behavior for add-ons
|     * Add-on ecosystem update: From FF3 to FF3.1
|     * Updating add-ons for Firefox 3.1
|     * Call For Feedback: Add-on Developers and Firefox 3.1
|     * New features: CSS Transforms, SVG Effects & MozAfterPaint
|     * Preparing Your Add-on for Private Browsing


Support Firefox Day 4: Firefox support in all languages

,----[ Quote ]
| This Support Firefox Day also hopes to engage users, contributors and 
| localizers in a discussion about the directions Mozilla will be taking in the 
| next couple years. Mozilla is not traditional organization — it’s a global 
| community that spans not only the people involved in making software 
| products, but the people using them as well.    


Custom-Branded Firefox Browser Recognized for Excellence in New Media

,----[  Quote]
| The custom browser theme reworks the visual style of the browser to match the 
| colors and logos of its partners while also adding content and functionality 
| to the browser. The custom browser theme provides marketers with a persistent 
| means to keep their brand presence with their customer whenever they are 
| connected to the Internet.    


Mozilla revenues hit $75 million - Hello IRS.

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Chief Wrangler Mitchell Baker today reported Mozilla's financial
| position which shows 2007 revenues of $75 million up by 12 percent from 2006
| revenues of $67 million. Though Mozilla is on the upswing, Baker's report
| shows some areas of potential future financial concerns.


Sustainability in Uncertain Times

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla is strong. We’re growing. We’re trying new things. 2007 and 2008 to
| date have been important, successful years for Mozilla.
| I hope Mozilla participants feel proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited
| about what is still to come. The Internet is still young, and still in its
| formative stage. Mozilla has, and can continue to empower each one of us to
| build the Internet into a better place.

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