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[News] Short Reviews of Ubuntu 8.10 on USB on on the Desktop

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Ubuntu 8.10 USB Drive Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 8.10 offers a way to create a USB drive from the Live CD or an .iso. 
| The question is, how well does this really work. In order to test we created 
| several of these USB drive installs. The first thing to note is that the 
| process is easy to do. Here is a step by step in create a USB Pen Drive disk.   


Let's talk about LINUX Ubuntu 8.10

,----[ Quote ]
| The problem isn’t Linux itself, but what the consumer isn’t being told about 
| Linux. I think these netbook manufacturers are leading people to believe that 
| Linux is a lot like Windows, but just a little different. What they’re not 
| being told is that the operating system is DIY by its very nature. It takes a 
| lot of technical moxie to maintain a Linux installation. Linux diehards 
| aren’t rabidly enthusiastic about their operating system just because of 
| security and flexibility. Linux is hard work. You have to go out of your way 
| to run it, and there’s a lot of pride in that.       



French police deal blow to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft
| for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest
| administrations in the world to make the break.


Moving to Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| My overall experience in these past days using Ubuntu has been really
| incredible and I would suggest each and every Windows user to atleast try
| Ubuntu using Wubi (if you haven’t already), it really doesn’t get any simpler
| than this and it will make your life really easy if you have difficulties,
| like I did, for separating partitions. In my opinion everyone should
| experience using Ubuntu at least once and see how they can very easily move
| to using Ubuntu while still being as productive (perhaps even more) as you
| were while you were on Windows! The Ubuntu community is also simply superb
| you will find great support there for all your problems (if you have any) and
| also find all the softwares you could need to do anything you would want to.


Easiest Install EVER - Linux Ubuntu Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| I think I was asked to enter my username and password, my name, then choose
| the nearest city for time zone and select my keyboard layout.  I installed it
| in VMWare fusion.  It launched immediately, and told me there are updates to
| install.  OK.

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