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[News] Open University Poisoned by the 'Microsoft Cult'

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Open University appoints Microsoft boss

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open University has appointed a Microsoft boss to be its fifth 
| vice-chancellor. 


"Open University" Becomes "Closed University"

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, the first thing Mr Bean will have to do is change the name: we 
| can't have any of that stinky "openness" around, can we? 



University challenged to ditch Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The OU provides students with technical support, but only if they use
| Microsoft software. It advises students that if they don't use a Windows PC
| they "may have problems accessing the software and data files supplied with
| course materials". It has produced a 31-page guide to using Microsoft
| software and extensive demonstrations. It has produced upgrade advice for
| Microsoft's Vista operating system and even gone as far as promoting a
| Microsoft discount offer to its students.
| The OU does distribute copies of the Open Source Star Office to all students,
| but that endorsement pales in comparison to its backing of Microsoft. It has
| given no such advice, support or endorsement of Ubuntu, the free operating
| system lauded as the Open Source movement's viable alternative to Windows.



University of Regina offers open source course

,----[ Quote ]
| In recent years, software giants like Microsoft have found open source
| software like Linux and Firefox nipping at their heels.
| Open source software is typically available for free and is set up so
| that programmers around the world can tinker with the code and make
| improvements.
| [...]
| Now, the University of Regina has joined the fray, launching its
| first senior-level course in open source software development.


Letter from IT Personnel at Purdue University: No Upgrades to Vista, Office
2007, or even IE7

,----[ Quote ]
| Purdue University is a Big Ten school with 40,000+ students and a
| fairly tech savvy campus. But due to bugs, compatibility issues,
| and lack of backwards compatibility, Purdue is holding off on
| Microsoft upgrades for now.

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