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[News] MAFIAA Fights for Tiered Web, Sues for Lack of Spying

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Regulators back Bell Canada choking indie ISP traffic

,----[ Quote ]
| Canada's telecom regulators gave Bell Canada the OK to throttle peer-to-peer 
| Internet traffic on pipes it leases to third-party ISPs. 


AFACT sues iiNet over piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| iiNet managing director Michael Malone rubbished the claim, saying 
| that "AFACT seems to expect ISPs to be judge, jury and executioner here". "We 
| are meant to take their unfounded allegation, then cut customers off. That 
| makes no sense. If someone is breaking the law, let the police and the courts 
| do their job", he said.    



Harvard professor challenges RIAA anti-piracy campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| A Harvard law professor has opened a new front in the battle between the
| Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and alleged music pirates by
| challenging the constitutionality of a statute being used by the industry
| group to bring lawsuits against alleged copyright violators.


MPs join fight to save McKinnon from US prison

,----[ Quote ]
| MPs are being asked to support accused Pentagon hacker via a motion demanding
| he serves any jail time he might eventually receive in the UK, even if his
| long-running campaign to avoid extradition and trail in the US fails.


MPAA slams EFF on RealDVD

,----[ Quote ]
| On Monday, the Motion Picture Association of America responded in an open
| letter to the EFF titled: "Hollywood isn't Living in the Past, EFF Shouldn't
| Either." In the letter provided to CNET News, the MPAA calls EFF's
| claims "disingenuous and wrongheaded." The MPAA says RealDVD, which enables
| users to copy the contents on a DVD and save the digital file on a hard
| drive, is a pirate tool.


750,000 lost jobs? The dodgy digits behind the war on piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| First, the estimate of 750,000 jobs lost. (Is that supposed to be per year? A
| cumulative total over some undefined span? Those who cite the figure seldom
| say.) Customs is most often given as the source for this, and indeed, you can
| find press releases from as recently as 2002 giving that figure as a U.S.
| Customs and Border Patrol estimate. Eureka! But when we contacted CBP to
| determine how they had arrived at that imposing figure, we were informed that
| it was, in essence, a goof. The figure, Customs assured us, came from
| somewhere else, and was mistakenly described as the agency's own. This should
| come as no great surprise: CBP is an enforcement agency, whereas calculating
| the total loss of jobs from IP infringement would require some terrifyingly
| complex counterfactual modeling by trained economists. Similar claims have
| appeared in Customs releases dating back at least to 1993, but a CBP
| spokesperson assured us that the agency has never been in the business of
| developing such estimates in-house.


Judge halts sales of RealDVD

,----[ Quote ]
| Representatives from the MPAA and RealNetworks could not be reached Sunday.


Music stars unite to seek control

,----[ Quote ]
| UK pop and rock stars are taking action to try to gain ownership and control
| of their work from record labels.


British Government Violates Copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| As much as I utterly despise the entire premise of Intellectual Monopoly,
| this is about violating the principles of a Free License, and if it's good
| enough for the British government to violate our civil rights in the name of
| Intellectual Monopoly, then it's good enough for the Free World to protect
| its "property" (in fact Freedom) too…


UK government stole website theme

,----[ Quote ]
| NUMBER 10, the UK Prime Minister's website, is apparently built using a
| design it nicked.


US presidential candidate is a pirate

,----[ Quote ]
| THE PRESUMED Republican US presidential candidate John McCain favours
| draconian copyright enforcement, except when his own election campaign uses
| other people's music.

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