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[News] Identity Governance Leans Towards Some Free Software

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Will identity be open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| The release of ArisIS, a Version 1.0 identity framework from Open Liberty, 
| could be a milestone in corporate identity. 
| It could be Sun’s second biggest contribution to open source, second only to 
| Java in importance. 
| It combines two projects formerly code-named Aristotle and Wakame,  the first 
| a governance framework, the second a client library. 


OpenLiberty.org Releases First Open Source Identity Governance Framework



Will a Little Openness Solve Your Web Identity Crisis?

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm sure you can see the potential pitfalls of this architecture- what if you 
| fall into the clutches of an inept or criminal OpenID service provider? It is 
| easy to change to a new provider, and to set up several different OpenIDs, 
| but that doesn't solve all the problems caused by a shady or incompetent one. 
| You could, in classic FOSS do-it-yourself fashion, take matters into your own 
| hands and run your own OpenID server. Sun Microsystems put a novel twist on 
| this by running its own server, and issuing OpenIDs only to its own 
| employees.       
| On the other hand, can it be any worse than the current system of 
| almost-daily spectacular (and spectacularly lame) security breaches? It seems  
| we've all been pwned many times over by now. While we're probably a couple of 
| years away from widespread adoption and nice user-friendly management tools, 
| OpenID could represent a real breakthrough, so watch this space for future 
| developments.     



Identity makes its mark in the Linux world

,----[ Quote ]
| Oracle announced the strangely named Oracle Authentication Services for 
| Operating Systems. 
| [...]
| Novell, which believed it had already hooked the Linux authentication market 
| with eDirectory running on Linux, announced a major advance in authentication 
| with partner, Fujitsu Microelectronics America. The two companies released a 
| suite of new biometric login kits for Novell eDirectory.   


Higgins shows roadmap for open source identity project

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM, Novell and a group of academics working on an open source project
| designed to tie together applications and identity systems plan to ship
| the first release of their code next summer.
| [...]
| In Version 1.0, Higgins will include support for Debian, Red Hat and
| Ubuntu Linux, Macintosh OS X, Windows and Eclipse plug-ins. Supported
| protocols will include the WS-* family of Web services protocols, OpenID
| and LDAP.


Industry Leaders Submit Identity Governance Framework to openLiberty.org for
Development of Open Source Implementations

,----[ Quote ]
| Liberty Alliance, the global identity consortium working to build a more 
| trusted Internet for consumers, governments and businesses worldwide, today 
| announced two key milestones for the Identity Governance Framework (IGF).  


OpenID: One ID for the entire Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Half a billion users by 2008? Sounds like some serious thriving to me.

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