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[News] CIOs Choose/Use Free Software, Try to Deny It

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In Open Source Denial

,----[ Quote ]
| CIOs deny the existence of Open Source within the enterprise, but their 
| hiring patterns tell a different story. 
| According to a report written by me in partnership with O'Reilly Research, 
| there's more Open Source (OS) in the enterprise than most people think. 


Open Source 101: An Executive Guide to Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source is essentially a cousin of the Free Software Movement, created in 
| 1983 by Richard Stallman to promote the free distribution of software 
| unfettered by standard proprietary code restrictions. Free software's rules 
| are codified by the General Public License (GPL), which as of October 2006 
| was under review for its third revision.     



Microsoft Makes Mockery of Interoperability

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft needs to get rid of its chief IP lawyer and its patent strategy if
| it wants further efforts at interoperability to be taken seriously by open
| source vendors and users.
| In at least two interviews with IT publications this week, Horacio Gutierrez
| reaffirmed that the company intends to try and force open source companies to
| sign patent licensing deals or face lawsuits.
| [...]
| The intellectual property that is trying Gutierrez's patience is not any line
| of copyrighted code, nor any trademark or trade secret. It's a bunch of
| patents that Microsoft claims it owns. In the bizarro-world that is US patent
| law, companies can get government-granted monopolies on procedures that are
| taught to programmers at high school as if they were some sort of valuable
| asset.

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