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[News] GNU/Linux Number 1 Method for Cutting IT Budget

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5 Ways To Beat The IT Budget Blues

,----[ Quote ]
| Has your IT budget just taken a big hit for 2009? Many have. These desperate 
| times call for desperate measures but don't worry these measures aren't 
| nearly so desperate and they just might help you fix that ailing IT budget. 
| All you need is a little creative thinking and some good people behind 
| you--and these 5 things (in order of importance).    
| 1. Linux - No surprise here since this is a Linux-oriented blog. Linux makes 
| sense for those tightening those budgetary belts since it's free, robust, and 
| stable. You can't go wrong choosing Linux for your IT infrastructure.   



Microsoft to cut budget up to $500 million

,----[ Quote ]
| The unexpected news in today's Microsoft's earnings conference call? The
| company's statement that it would cut up to $500 million from its budget this
| year.


Microsoft closes the quarter with less cash than Apple

,----[ Quote ]
| Buried in the first quarter earnings report from Microsoft is an astounding
| fact. For the first time that I can remember, Microsoft closed the quarter
| with less cash than Apple. Cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments
| for Microsoft add up to $20.7 billion. Apple, meanwhile, closed the quarter
| with $24.5 billion.


Buybacks take a beating

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month, Microsoft announced it was going to spend $40 billion buying back
| its own stock. Traditionally, that would have meant a payday for its
| investors. With Microsoft using its own spare cash to reduce the number of
| outstanding shares, earnings per share should have improved, and the stock
| price should have ticked upwards.


Microsoft: The Giant Buyback Theory Resurfaces

,----[ Quote ]
| Bloomberg published a story today which said that the company is about to
| unveil a plan to buy back as much as $20 billion of its stock. The notion was
| attributed to UBS analyst Heather Bellini, who actually floated the idea in a
| July 25 analyst report. And she is not the only one who thinks a huge buyback
| would be a good idea: in a July 22 post, I noted a report from Friedman
| Billings Ramsey analyst David Hilal, who theorized that the company could do
| a leverage buyback and repurchase as much as $50 billion of its shares.


Microsoft to buy $20B shares: UBS

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's share price is down 26 per cent so far this year. It has about $3
| billion remaining of a $36.2-billion, five-year repurchase program it started
| in 2006.


Data: Cash balances at large tech companies

,----[ Quote ]
| PictureMicrosoft has reduced its legendary cash balance by tens of billions
| of dollars in recent years through a series of buybacks, dividends and
| acquisitions. The importance of cash was evident in the Microsoft-Yahoo saga:
| Had the Redmond company succeeded in the proposed $44.6 billion acquisition,
| it would have needed to borrow money for the first time in its history to
| fund the deal.


Microsoft sees slide in profits

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