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[News] New Version of Ardour for GNU/Linux Released

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Ardour 2.7 released

,----[ Quote ]
| The new version of Ardour – the most advanced digital audio workstation for 
| Linux – was announced today.  


Release of Ardour 2.7 : Open-Source DAW for Mac OS X

,----[ Quote
| In April 2007, SAE Institute agreed to become a corporate sponsor for the 
| Ardour project. Focus of the collaboration between Paul Davis, creator and 
| developer of Ardour, and Armand Klenk, Head Instructor Audio at SAE Munich, 
| was the development of an OS X version of the Linux-based software. A special 
| student version, created in a parallel effort, will now make the open-source 
| digital audio workstation even more accessible to beginners.     



SAE Institute of Technology Sponsors Ardour Open-Source DAW Project

,----[ Quote ]
| SAE Institute has agreed to become a corporate sponsor of Ardour, 
| the open source digital audio workstation project.


Ardour 2.0 : A Brief Practical Introduction

,----[ Quote ]
| Ardour is a very popular Linux audio application. Ardour empowers
| a new generation of digital audio recordists. It rivals expensive
| and proprietary programs available only for specific hardware
| platforms, and it remains open-source and freely available 
| software. Its expanding community of users and developers is
| lively and helpful, and many of the program's features have
| evolved from discussions and debates held on Ardour's mail-lists 
| and IRC chat channels. Maintaining a project of Ardour's scope is
| no mean feat, and chief architect Paul Davis is justly respected
| as much for his team management prowess as for his coding skills.
| The project is an especially successful example of "distributed
| development with benevolent dictatorship", much like Linux itself.


2.0 released for OS X and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly 2 years of work have gone into this new version. Along the way a
| huge number of bugs were fixed, performance and workflow were improved,
| and many new features were added. 

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