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[News] UK-based Company Chooses F/OSS Route, Adobe Still Confused

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OpenX: the Unknown Variable

,----[ Quote ]
| The open source company OpenX, which is behind the free ad server of the same 
| name, is something of a mysterious beast. 
| It's not that well known, even though it's one of the few open source 
| companies that was founded in the UK. Things have not been helped by the fact 
| that it has gone through so many names changes - phpAds, phpAdsNew, 
| MaxMediaManager, Openads – that it's been hard to keep up.    


Open source is not a binary decision at Adobe

,----[ Quote ]
| That is, it's not a question of whether Flash Player should be 100 percent 
| open source. It's a question of which portions can and should be open 
| sourced. Ditto for Adobe's other technologies. Open sourcing some technology 
| could seriously benefit Adobe and the larger open-source community. Open 
| sourcing other technology would not.    



Adobe Drops Licensing Fees, Gives Away Flash For Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Software maker Adobe announced Thursday that it would drop many of the
| licensing requirements attached to its Flash technology, which is used to
| display video and audio content on the web.  


Adobe Joins Linux Foundation But Forgets About Flash for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I would hope that Zemlin will encourage Adobe to now treat Linux as a first
| class citizen as opposed to an afterthought for release after Windows.
| I hope Zemlin will pressure Adobe to finally actually make Flash -- not just
| the player -- but Flash CS3 Professional, (the core Flash development tool)
| available for Linux as a fully commercially available and supported product.  
| It is somewhat ironic in my opinion that Adobe can join the Linux Foundation,
| claim to support Linux and yet not offer its flagship Flash development tool
| on Linux.    


For Adobe, a tough lesson in (open-source) diplomacy

,----[ Quote ]
| The brouhaha had to be painful for Adobe, a community-friendly company that
| likes to think of itself as a kinder, gentler outfit than arch-rival
| Microsoft . But here Adobe was, accused of using its overwhelming position in
| PDF software to make money at the expense of smaller companies -- the very
| sort of behavior that earned Microsoft a bad rap in Silicon Valley.    

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