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[News] A Glimpse at Fruits of KDE 4.2, New KOffice Beta

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plasma systray, 4.2

,----[ Quote ]
| The white arrow on the edge is the expander: click on it and hidden icons 
| show up. If you have no hidden system tray icons then the expander isn't  
| shown. 


KOffice releases new beta of 2.0 release

,----[ Quote ]
| The KDE project has announced the release of KOffice version 2.0 Beta 3, the 
| third beta version of the future version 2.0 release. 

KOffice 2.0 Beta 3 Released


KDE Commit Digest

,----[ Quote ]
| More improvements in KBruch as part of a Brazilian student projects 
| initiative. Ability to search by "HD Catalog Number" in KStars. Initial Kross 
| support in the Rocs educational tool. Multiple projection support in the 
| Marble Plasmoid.    



KDE 4.2 is flat out going to rock

,----[ Quote ]
| That’s my prediction. Of course, the truth of the matter is that KDE 4.2
| (trunk) flat out rocks today. Seriously. I have never been more excited about
| the Linux desktop than I am right now. And this, 2+ months out from our
| actual KDE 4.2 release. I’ve been running OpenSUSE 11 for a couple of months
| now, and thanks to the awesome nightly/weekly KDE 4.2/trunk packages, I’m
| thoroughly enjoying pretty-darned-bleeding-edge 4.2/trunk packages, but with
| half the carbs, and I am loving what I’m seeing!


Dolphin Features for KDE 4.2

,----[ Quote ]
| The feature freeze for KDE 4.2 starts on the November the 17th. Time again
| for a summary of the features that made it into Dolphin since KDE 4.1...


Quick Look at KDE 4.2-SVN

,----[ Quote ]
| As the work on KDE 4.2 turns out to be on quite an advanced stage, I’ve
| decided to test the current development version.


KDE 4.2 (trunk) Now Rocking On My Thinkpad T61!!!


32 times faster deleting your home directory

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes, KDE-4.2 will be 32 times faster deleting a large number of files
| compared to KDE-4.1!


Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE 4.1, released last month, brought a great number of improvements to the
| popular desktop environment. It's the best desktop I've ever used -- but that
| doesn't mean it couldn't be better. 2009 will see the release of KDE 4.2.
| Here are 10 features that would be great additions to a future KDE release
| that I hope the developers will consider.


KOffice Sprint 2008 Starting

,----[ Quote ]
| Some 20 KOffice developers have gathered at the KDAB offices to discuss and
| prepare the upcoming release of KOffice 2.0. Read on to learn about what the
| meeting is for and what is on the agenda to be sorted before the big release.


KWord: ODF Lists

,----[ Quote ]
| It's been a long busy month. With the impending 2.0 release, I have been
| hacking away polishing up ODF list support for KWord.


KOffice 2.0 Beta 2 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| The KOffice Team has announced the release of KOffice version 2.0 Beta 2, the
| second beta version of the upcoming version 2.0. The goal for the second beta
| is to show progress made since beta 1, as well as to gather feedback from
| both users and developers on the new UI and underlying infrastructure.


KOffice 2.0 beta hints at improved capabilities

,----[ Quote ]
| KOffice has been trailing the office application leaders for a long time.
| Despite years of development, it has yet to match OpenOffice.org feature for
| feature, although its features are complete enough that they have attracted a
| loyal community. Judging from the first beta, KOffice 2.0 will still not
| rival OpenOffice.org or other free software rivals, but it should be a major
| step in that direction.


KOffice 2.0 Beta1 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| KOffice uses the OpenDocument Format as its native format. This will
| guarantee interoperation with many other Office packages such as
| OpenOffice.org and MS Office. The KOffice team has representatives on the
| OASIS technical committee for ODF and has been a strong participant in the
| process of shaping ODF since its inception.


KOffice Releases 10th Alpha of KOffice 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The KOffice team, developers, students, packagers and bug reporters have
| prepared the final Alpha release of KOffice 2.0: KOffice 2.0 Alpha 10.
| KOffice will enter feature freeze in two weeks, so the next release will be
| the first Beta. And we are committed to releasing as many Beta's as is
| necessary before declaring Release Candidate status for KOffice 2.0.


KOffice Releases Ninth Alpha of KOffice 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The KOffice team announces the availability of the ninth alpha release of
| KOffice 2.0. With KDE4 becoming more stable by the week, KOffice development
| is picking up at a fast pace and developers who previously had trouble
| keeping up are now getting active again, leading to a much increased rate of
| commits for KOffice. Both the NLnet sponsored Girish Ramakrisnan, who is
| working on OpenDocument support, and the KOffice Google Summer of Code
| students are delivering solid work.


First look: KOffice 2.0 Alpha 8

,----[ Quote ]
| The good news for people new to KOffice is the integrated installer makes
| downloading and installing the required software a breeze, even on Windows.
| Linux users are well acquainted with downloading many packages at a time from
| the Internet in order to install software, but this experience is less
| frequent on Windows, where users tend to download a monolithic package or
| install software from a DVD.



NLnet Gives KOffice a New Logo and Sponsors ODF development

,----[ Quote ]
| The Dutch NLnet foundation aims to financially support organisations and
| people that contribute to an open information society. Some time ago they
| decided to help KOffice in two exciting ways: to sponsor the design of a new
| logo for KOffice, with matching logo designs for all KOffice applications,
| and to sponsor Girish Ramakrishnan to improve the ODF support in KWord 2.0.
| The KOffice team is deeply grateful to NLnet for this support!

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