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[News] New Via System Runs Linux

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Via panel PC resists shock, liquids

,----[ Quote ]
| Via announced a fanless panel PC that runs Linux, and resists both liquids 
| and dust. The "VIPRO VP7710" includes Via's Eden or C7 processors, a 
| 10.4-inch touchscreen display, gigabit Ethernet, three serial ports, and two 
| USB 2.0 ports, the company says.   



VIA takes two open source steps forward

,----[ Quote ]
| VIA may soon have a lot more to gain from supporting Linux and open source
| software, and the company now seems to be recognizing this.


VIA Publishes Three Programming Guides

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this week we shared that VIA had appointed an open-source liaison to
| work on providing the community with documentation and source-code for their
| products and work to improve VIA's image within the Linux and open-source
| communities. Since VIA announced their open-source strategy earlier this
| year, all they had provided was a simple kernel frame-buffer driver. However,
| VIA has now made available three programming guides that cover their PadLock,
| CX700, and VX800/820 products. In total these three documents amount to about
| 800 (PDF) pages.


VIA getting serious about open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| VIA just announced they they will be contracting Harald Welte to be their
| open source liaison. Welte will be tasked with “helping refine VIA’s Open
| Source strategy to optimize its support for Linux across all the components
| of its x86 processor platforms”. He will also, more importantly, help develop
| drivers for VIA hardware and improve documentation. Welte is the founder of
| gpl-violations.org and has worked on the OpenMoko project.


VIA Gives 16,434 Lines Of OSS Code

,----[ Quote ]
| VIA has released over 16,000 lines of code that provides a frame-buffer
| driver in the Linux kernel. This code is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 and
| appears to be crafted by VIA's Joseph Chan. Supported by this driver is VIA's
| Unichrome CLE266, K400, K800, PM800, CN700, CX700, K8M890, P4M890, P4M900,
| and VX800 IGPs.

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