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[News] Big Computers, Clusters Still All About GNU/Linux

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LSI 'to boost next-gen Linux'

,----[ Quote ]
| LSI is set to aid the development of next-generation Linux clusters after it 
| has joined with computing experts at the Lawrence Livermore National 
| Laboratory to create a large-scale test bed for high-performance computing 
| (HPC).   


Cluster Resources Delivers Moab for Cluster Management Utility Software with HP

,----[ Quote ]
| Cluster Resources today announced that Moab(R)--its policy-based intelligence 
| engine that integrates scheduling, managing, monitoring and reporting of 
| cluster workloads--is now compatible with HP Cluster Management Utility (CMU) 
| software--a provisioning tool used to manage Linux-based nodes in 
| high-performance computing (HPC) clusters.    


Where are Apple and Microsoft?

That LUNix thing seems to have a monopoly (of freedom).

Yesterday alone:

Cray CX1 Taps Clustercorp's Rocks+ for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Cray Inc.  and Clustercorp today announced the immediate availability of the
| Cray CX1 deskside supercomputer preloaded with Rocks+ 5, the commercial
| version of the Rocks Cluster Distribution for Linux users. The joint solution
| is fully certified as Intel(R) Cluster Ready and ships with Intel Cluster
| Checker preloaded and pre-tuned.


Univa UD Announces Software Stack to Simplify Cluster Deployment

,----[ Quote
| Univa UD, a leading provider of HPC systems software, announced today
| availability of UniCluster with Oracle Unbreakable Linux support. The
| combined solution simplifies development, delivery, and maintenance of Intel
| Cluster Ready certified clusters.


Penguin Computing Announces New "Emperor Series Clusters"

,----[ Quote ]
| Penguin Computing announced today the culmination of over a decade of
| experience building high performance computing solutions with the
| introduction of the Emperor Series Clusters, a reference architecture for
| building and delivering turn-key, application optimized HPC clusters.


Cisco Nexus Data Center Class Platform Supports Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory Linux Hyperion Project

,----[ Quote ]
| The Hyperion project takes advantage of industry leading technologies to
| create the largest testbed of its kind in the world for high performance
| Linux cluster computing technologies and make petaFLOP/s (quadrillion
| floating operations per second) computing and storage more accessible for
| commerce, industry, and research and development.

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