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Re: Linux PC World uk

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____/ 7 on Thursday 20 November 2008 19:27 : \____

> Peter wrote:
>> Out of 14 Netbooks in PC World I only saw one Novell with Suse Linux on
>> and one old model EEE machine.
>> Although about 18 months ago you would not see any machine with Linux as
>> an OS in PC World, I still think it is going tp be a long time before we
>> see any Full size Laptops or Desktops with Linux in these stores.
>> Peter
> It takes one to two years for hard cored brown nosed windummy
> to achieve Linux switch over.
> So I reckon by 2010, the adoption rate will be exponential
> since it has already taken off like a rocket in sub notebooks.
> Windopws is crap and everyone knows it.
> Linux is magical and everyone can see it in action
> http://www.youtube.com  (search for compiz ubuntu etc)
> And Linux gives far more to the user than any windummy
> can possibly give away free without being prosecuted.
> http://www.livecdlist.com
> http://www.distrowatch.com

PC World? That's a good start because they /hate/ 'non-proprietary' software
(links below). Maybe that's why they offer MS-USE Linux.

Refund for me! PC World buckle to the pressure.

,----[ Quote ]
| I went back today and received a refund straight away with no messing at all.


Man wins damages from Acer over Windows refund 

.----[ Quote ]
| According to this web site, not only did Antoine Gutzwiller get a
| full refund on a list of the software bundled his machine, but got
| €500 extra for what the court dubbed Abusive Resistance.


PC World Linux laptop warranty saga gets even more bizarre

,----[ Quote ]
| This is not an isolated incident by any means, reports are now popping up of 
| other people turned away by PC World for hardware repairs due to a Linux 
| installation. One even reports that PC World told him that Linux was 'alien 
| software' and so the numerous dead pixels on the screen could not be repaired
| under warranty. Perhaps the Linux spaceship had landed on the display causing 
| the damage? Makes about as much sense as PC World is at the moment…     


PC World refuse to repair hardware fault, AGAIN because of linux! argh

,----[ Quote ]
| So, after being told this rubbish I said well tell you what, I called 
| expecting Head Office and I was told I am being put through to them, clearly 
| you are not Head Office can you transfer me now please. He did't like that 
| much obviously, he agreed and then...   
| Hung up on me.
| Argh, so I go back into the store as I was in the car park making the call.
| Told Mr Tank that he told me more rubbish and he said that its a call centre, 
| and he has no other contact number for them. He didn't try to call them, he 
| didnt offer me any more help. So I said I would write in as I had no other 
| choice and I left.   


PC World refuse to repair hardware fault, because of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| PC World refuse to repair hardware fault, because of LinuxToday I took my 
| laptop to pc world because a crack has developed near the left hinge, 
| this develops because the joint inside is failing and spreading to the 
| casing. 
| Laptop is only 4 or 5 months old and otherwise in good condition.
| It was agreed that infact there is indeed an issue with the hinge and that it
| will spread much further untill the display can no longer stay attached to 
| the rest of the unit.
| Then I was told because I have Linux installed, I am not covered by my 
| warranty. 

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