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[News] Firefox Keeps Growing, Unafraid of Non-Free Competition

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Mozilla CTO: Firefox in neck and neck race

,----[ Quote ]
| Eariler this month, I spoke with Brendan Eich, CTO of Mozilla and creator of 
| JavaScript. We discussed the development process for the open-source Firefox 
| browser, the status of Firefox mobile, and new competition.  


Mozilla chairman unfazed by Google Chrome

,----[ Quote ]
| Gone are the days when Microsoft's Internet Explorer was the sole rival for 
| Mozilla's Firefox. A new open-source browser, Google Chrome, has come to 
| town, and it's from the company that provided $66 million of the Mozilla 
| Foundation's $75 million in 2007 revenue.   


Chrome is not Free software.

Sustainability in Uncertain Times

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla is strong. We’re growing. We’re trying new things. 2007 and 2008 to 
| date have been important, successful years for Mozilla. 
| I hope Mozilla participants feel proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited 
| about what is still to come. The Internet is still young, and still in its 
| formative stage. Mozilla has, and can continue to empower each one of us to 
| build the Internet into a better place.   


about:mozilla: Fashion Your Firefox, Firefox China Edition, about:labs and

,----[ Quote ]
| In this issue…
|     * Fashion Your Firefox
|     * Firefox China Edition Released
|     * about:labs - A New Weekly Newsletter About Mozilla Labs
|     * Bugzilla at NASA
|     * Firefox 3.0.4 and Firefox Released
|     * Spread Thunderbird



Devs Test Drive Firefox 3.1 Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla did not forget about its users. The new beta offers users a peek at a
| new tab-switching functionality that gives a preview of the tab before you
| switch to it by hitting the CTRL and Tab buttons.
| Then there's the latest change to the Awesome Bar, which now supports special
| characters. The addition allows users to restrict their searches by
| typing "^" for history-only queries or "+" for tagged page searches.
| The browser's new Location Bar, a location API, is also a significant change,
| said Hammond.
| "It has long term-consequences for mobile developers. As we see slimmed-down
| browsers like Fennec in 2009, support for this enables Web apps that will do
| things with location that developers must build natively today," he noted.
| With the inclusion of the much talked-about Trace Monkey JavaScript engine,
| users should see a noticeable increase in the browsers speed as well.


Firefox 3.1 beta 1 released and reviewed

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has released Firefox 3.1 Beta 1, the first official development
| release of the next update to Firefox 3 just about four months after its
| release past June.


Browser Review: Mozilla Firefox 3

,----[ Quote ]
| By some estimates, more than 1.4 billion people use the Internet for work,
| entertainment, or commerce. All of those web surfers must use a browser to
| visit websites or shop at online stores, and if browsing speed, security, and
| functionality matter, those users should be cruising the information super
| highway with the Mozilla Firefox 3 web browser.
| [...]
| Recommendation: Firefox is the Best Browser Available Today
| Firefox is fast, safe, and offers better functionality than the competition
| thanks to an impressive collection of add-ons and some cool built-ins. The
| browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and it is
| free to everyone. Certainly there are tradeoffs, but compared to
| compatibility problems and graphics support issues in IE6 and IE7, Chrome’s
| spying, and Opera’s propensity to crash, Firefox is the best.


Mozilla Ubiquity - the Web-integrated YOU

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubiquity is a really, really, really interesting project. It's unique,
| refreshing - and above all - truly useful. It saves time, it's smart and
| unobtrusive, it's virtually limited in its growth and customization
| capabilities, and it will really make the future of browsing into something
| completely different from what it is today.
| Here's a real change of creating a semi-AI tool that will serve you rather
| the other way around.


Overhauled tabbed browsing for Firefox 3.1

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox 3.1 may well be remembered as the “tab release”, as tabbed browsing
| will be the most noticeable updated area users will face when it comes out in
| final form.


Finer session restore for Firefox 3.1

,----[ Quote ]
| Back from a totally offline, sweet 7-day cruise with great times at Aruba,
| Curaçao, Sint Maarten, and Saint Thomas. Aruba and Curaçao: overrated. Sint
| Maarten: the winner hands down. If you can, jump on one now!


Mozilla: Firefox is faster than Chrome

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla answered claims that Google's Chrome browser outperforms Firefox with
| benchmark results of its own that showed the upcoming Firefox 3.1 is faster
| at executing JavaScript.
| According to tests run by Brendan Eich, Mozilla's chief technology officer
| and the creator of JavaScript, Firefox's new TraceMonkey interpreter is up to
| 28 percent faster than V8, the name Google gave to the interpreter used by
| Chrome.


Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2 reviewed

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has released the second alpha of Shiretoko, the development codename
| of Firefox 3.1. Alpha 2 brings a handful of improvements and new features
| that help advance the web to a more open, standards based stage, while
| tweaking the user experience.
| [...]
| TraceMonkey, the JavaScript optimization module that brings outstanding
| performance improvements to most web applications is disabled by default in
| this release because of some nasty bugs, but this should change soon.
| Also coming in future releases, most likely Beta 1, is geolocation support
| which was added some days ago, and will enable web developers to provide
| content customized to a user specific location.

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