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[News] Suggestion for Running Cars with GNU/Linux Inside

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A Geek’s Guide: How To Pimp Your Car With Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| One branch of this rugged individualism, so to speak, is running Linux in 
| different environments. Just using Linux in your PC? Ok, that’s pretty good. 
| But how about building a Linux system from scratch? Or on your phone? Even 
| better, how about in your car?   


Wind River is collaborating with some criminals (Intel) on a proper solution.


Caterham Teams Up with Project Splitwheel to Create First-Ever Open-Source Car

,----[ Quote ]
| Conceived of as a similar proposition to open-source software and
| user-moderated resources like Wikipedia, Project Splitwheel will give
| automotive enthusiasts of all stripes unprecedented influence on the design
| of a car. The project is open to anyone who cares to join, regardless of
| their background in cars, design or engineering, or their location in the
| world. Users will collaborate through the forums on the Project Splitwheel
| Web site and submit their suggestions and designs there for peer review.


BMW seeking partners for open-source car software platform

,----[ Quote ]
| At the Convergence 2008 conference on automotive electronics yesterday, BMW
| revealed it is looking for partners as it pursues an open-source car
| computing platform. The German company is enthusiastic about the potential
| for such an open-source system's potential to keep up with the rapid advances
| in technology and features in the multimedia and digital entertainment areas.


BMW Presents Open Source Telematics Protocol

,----[ Quote ]
| BMW has joined forces with telematics service providers Connexis LLC and
| WirelessCar to establish a more stable and uniform interface infrastructure  
| for delivering end-to-end telematics services.


Crystal Ball Sunday #12: Built-In Home Entertainment and Automation

,----[ Quote ]
| Howdy and welcome to Crystal Ball Sunday #12: Built-In Home Entertainment and
| Automation . Linux is the perfect medium for set top boxes (aka Set Top Units
| or Personal Video Recorders (PVR)) because of its customizability,
| optimization features, and no cost status. Whether you know them as Set Top
| Boxes, Set Top Units, or PVRs; you may know these generic names better by the
| brand name: TiVo. These Linux-based PVRs are not TiVo but they do what TiVo
| does and much more. With a PVR, you can watch, record, pause, and rewind live
| TV, watch movies, create your own home theater system, and so on.


Wind River, Intel ride Linux into car market

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel and Wind River Systems have teamed up to create a Linux/x86 platform
| for car electronics, which will debut at the Telematics Detroit 2008
| conference today (May 20). The offering is based on Intel's low-power Atom
| processor and a new variant of Wind River's embedded Linux.


Linux Soon to be in your Car

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to a new joint effort between Intel and Wind River, you may soon be
| running Linux in your car.


Intel and Wind River driving Linux infotainment systems to cars

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is in our computers, our phones, our Wi-Fi equipment, and our TiVos —
| why not our cars? Intel Corp. and Wind River have been working with both the
| embedded and automotive industries to advance in-vehicle infotainment (IVI)
| with open, Linux-based, standards-based, interoperable hardware and software
| called Open Infotainment Platforms (OIP).



Car computer runs Red Flag Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Flag Linux is a Chinese version of Linux based on Asianux.


Vehicle-mount computer runs Debian Etch

,----[ Quote ]
| The MT7550 clocks its AMD Geode GX533 processor at 400 MHz, includes both
| Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless capabilities, and comes standard with Debian
| Linux 4.0 ("Etch").  


Rugged, fanless vehicle PC runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Acrosser has introduced a compact, fanless computer aimed at the harsh
| environments found in trucks, taxis, and other vehicular applications. The
| AR-ES0831FL runs Linux on Pentium and Celeron M processors, and meets
| IEC-68-2-6 vibration and IEC-68-2-27 shock standards, according to the
| company.    


In-vehicle Linux system assists first responders

,----[ Quote ]
| U.K.-based Thorcom Systems Ltd is shipping a rugged, Debian Linux-based,
| in-vehicle computer intended for emergency first responders. T


Debian Linux controls copter-like UAV [Unmanned Aerial Vehicle]

,----[ Quote ]
| Trek Aerospace used Debian Linux and open-source flight control
| software to build an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of
| vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). The Oviwun weighs about
| six pounds, fits in a backpack, and includes a GPS system that
| enables autonomous flight and position control.


Driver-Free Car Runs Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| This automated vehicle uses a dozen Intel Core 2 processors, but at the
| bottom of the software stack is Ubuntu 6.06 "Dapper Drake" Linux. Ubuntu 6.06
| was chosen for being an LTS (Long Term Support) release. Perhaps next year's
| vehicle will be running Ubuntu 8.04?    


Linux Powered PS3 to be used in DARPA Urban Challenge

,----[ Quote ]
| With four years of autonomous racing experience and using Yellow Dog Linux,
| San Diego's Axion Racing is excited about showing folks other things that can
| be done using a PlayStation console.  


Linux well-positioned in booming telematics market

,----[ Quote ]
| In five years, 30 million cars or 44 percent of the global total will ship
| with telematics devices such as navigation computers, safety systems,
| and "infotainment" systems, a study claims. The ABI Research report also
| forecasts a vibrant outlook for after-market telematics devices, where Linux
| has seen some success.


Finland's 'Open Source' Electric Car Plan

,----[ Quote ]
| When I think of faraway Finland, I think of long, dark winters, saunas,
| reindeer and Nokia cellular telephones. I don't think of electric cars...
| until now.

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