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[News] Many Big Distribution Releases Imminent, Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha Near

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Good (Linux) Things on the Horizon

,----[ Quote ]
| We seem to be in a particularly good period for Linux at the moment. We've 
| recently gotten the Mandriva 2009.0 and Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex releases, 
| and both of them seem to be very good. There will be a number of new releases 
| coming in the next few weeks, as well:   
| - Fedora 10 (Cambridge) is due next week, on November 25th. I have been 
| running the Preview Release for several weeks, and it installs and works  
| without problem on both of my laptops. 
| [...]
| - Debian "lenny", their next major release, looks like it is getting pretty 
| close to completion. They are much more conservative at Debian about release 
| dates, so there is no specific date for this release yet.  
| - SimplyMEPIS 8.0 Beta5 [...]


Exciting Features For Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| If all goes according to plan, the first alpha release for Ubuntu 9.04 (the 
| Jaunty Jackalope) will be released tomorrow. It's not even been one month 
| since the release of Ubuntu 8.10, but this first alpha release will show 
| early signs of what we can expect to see in this next Canonical-sponsored 
| release -- albeit many of the features are still in planning. In this article 
| we will provide a glimpse at what Ubuntu 9.04 should hold in store to 
| captivate Linux desktop users.      



Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope” Mock-up Designs

,----[ Quote ]
| The next Ubuntu release codenamed "Jaunty Jackalope" won't arrive until April
| of next year, but some people are already creating mock-ups of its desktop
| theme. Though there is no plan of a theme redesign for this next version, I
| know some of you, especially those who are disappointed with the Intrepid
| Ibex theme, are still hoping to see a completely refurbished Ubuntu look.


Ubuntu 9.04 Release Schedule

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu 9.04 (codename Jaunty Jackalope) development will start in 4 days,
| on November 6th, and will conclude next year on April 23rd, with the final
| release. Make sure you check with our website, starting with November 20th
| when the first alpha will be released, as we will do a full coverage of the
| Ubuntu 9.04 development process.

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