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[News] Microsoft Cronies Attack Critics of the OOXML Corruption

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My Tinfoil Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Alex Brown, in ODF – OASIS and JTC 1 Get It Together, refers to those like 
| me, who have been vocal in our disapproval of ISO’s handling of 
| office-document standards, as the “tinfoil brigade” with a “crazed 
| oppositional narrative”. He even provides an illustration of the use of a 
| shiny silver fashion statement. Is this fair?    
| [...]
| I’m Angry · I can’t help it. I’m actually quite idealistic and believe that 
| collaborative work which transcends the boundaries of nations and enterprises 
| has the potential to benefit individuals, governments, and businesses 
| everywhere. I cannot give an honest and complete account of my feelings about 
| the ECMA/JTC1 process without resorting to coarse language and direct 
| accusations against certain parties whom I believe to have acted at best 
| unethically. ¶      
| For the purposes of this little essay I will for obvious reasons restrain 
| myself. I will, however, offer two assertions: 
|     * In the context of the process that led to the existence of ISO/IEC 
|     International Standard 29500, it is reasonable to be angry. 
|     * It is not reasonable to draw conclusions about the rights and wrongs of 
|     a complex and important issue, in which billions of dollars are at stake, 
|     based on who’s being polite.  


Phipps: "I agree with Tim; Alex Brown's analysis is cavalier in the omission of
the rest of the industry context around the gaming of JTC1, to the point one
has to ask oneself why."


New doubts about ISO's fast-track standardisation of Microsoft OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| An internal document of the International Standards Organization (ISO) that
| found its way late last week on to the Wikileaks whistle-blower platform
| raises further questions about the choice of a fast-track certification for
| Microsoft's OOXML document format. The paper, by Joint Technical Committee
| No. 1 (JTC 1) of the Geneva standards organization, which dates back to July
| 2007, says the fast track procedure chosen for certifying Microsoft's
| document format is only intended for the acceptance of unaltered standards
| and that a standard not accepted in its original form, while not to be
| regarded as "2nd class" or illegitimate, should be put through the normal
| five-stage standardisation process, should necessary corrections be
| identified in advance. The fast-track process, it says, is intended for
| making changes to an original draft.


Puppet countries leaves P membership

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Puppet countries are leaving the P membership. Lebanon, Turkey,
| Cyprus, and Trinidad & Tobago have already dropped out. All those countries
| voted Yes without comments to OOXML.


Martin Bryan: we are getting “standardization by corporation”

,----[ Quote ]
| A November informative report of Martin Bryan, Convenor, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34
| WG1 highlights the fallout of the ECMA-376 fast-track process for ISO. He
| says he is 'glad to be retiring before the situation becomes impossible'
| [...]
| In what is an astonishingly outspoken report, Martin Bryan, Convenor, ISO/IEC
| JTC1/SC34 WG1 has given us insight into the total mess that Microsoft/ECMA
| have caused during their scandalous, underhand and unremitting attempts to
| get - what is a very poorly written specification {i.e. DIS 29500 aka OOXML,
| AR} - approved as an ISO standard. …


Microsoft accused of stacking ISO committee

,----[ Quote
| In a memo sent following his last meeting as head of the working group on
| WG1, which is handling Microsoft’s application to make the Word format an ISO
| standard as ECMA 376, outgoing Governor Martin Bryan (above), an expert on
| SGML and XML, accused the company of stacking his group.


EU Commission Investigating Microsoft's MSOOXML Push

,----[ Quote ]
| I hope they think to investigate the smear campaigns that seem to always
| happen to anyone on the other side from Microsoft. What happened to Peter
| Quinn was by no means unique.


Software wars

,----[ Quote ]
| Allegations of committee-stuffing, the outcome of votes overridden by
| political appointees, a final decision that many involved consider tainted:
| this may sound like a discredited election in some third world country. But
| it is actually a description of an ugly fight over international technical
| standards that wrapped up this week. Microsoft came out on top, but at the
| cost of tarnishing its reputation and the credibility of an important
| back-room process that oils the wheels of many global industries.

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