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[News] New Second Life Viewer Released as Free Software

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Get Imprudent: New User-Friendly Open Source Version of SL Viewer Now Available

,----[ Quote ]
| More than two months after Jacek Antonelli and team launched an initiative to 
| create a more user-friendly, open source version of the Second Life viewer, 
| cheekily dubbed Imprudence, the first release candidate is available for 
| download.  The UI improvements are not yet available, but, he says,   
|     [T]his version does contain a wide variety of small improvements created 
|     by SL Residents — JIRA patches that LL hasn’t (yet) accepted. 



Second Life recognizes open source community with 2008 awards

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, the award for Contributor of the Year was given to Michelle2
| Zenovka. Lanphier called attention to Zenovka's code contributions in
| transitioning the Second Life viewer to CMake, and in bringing the Linux
| viewer client up to par with the Windows and Mac OS X builds.


The open life of Second Life

,----[ Quote ]
| Linden Lab's Joe Miller reflects on the development of the online virtual
| world since it opened up to the Open Source world.


After a year of open source, Second Life looks ahead

,----[ Summary ]
| A year has passed since Linden Lab, maker of the popular 3-D virtual world
| Second Life, released the source code to its Second Life viewer under the GNU
| GPL. In that time, a viable community of developers has grown up around the
| SL code, and the company is pleased enough with the success that it has
| branched out further into open source and open standards.    



A Conversation with Eben Moglen on Second Life

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently I met with Eben Moglen, the founder, Director-Counsel and Chairman
| of the Software Freedom Law Center, and David W. Levine, a researcher at
| IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center and IBM representative to the
| Architectural Working Group, for an informal conversation that looked at many
| of the fundamental social, technological and legal questions of building 3D
| immersive online spaces like Second Life.


A second life for 'Second Life' with open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| One of these projects is the Linux version of the Second Life client, the
| viewer application that runs on the resident's computer and lets the resident
| interact with the graphical environments of the virtual world. Ever since its
| release, the Linux client has remained in constant development by an informal
| team, usually three people. Their work could directly benefit the open source
| and Linux community beyond Second Life, in the aftermath of the hype.
| [...]
| Linden Lab declined a request for current figures on the number of people
| using the Linux client. Nonetheless, Jason Giglio, a developer and Second
| Life resident who actively works on the client, says he heard through the
| proverbial grapevine that about 5 percent of registered Second Life
|                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| residents, or about 10,000 people, visit Second Life with the Linux client.
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Open sourcing Second Life

,----[ Quote ]
| At least open source Second Life elements will be released under
| the BSD license, not the GPL - so people who develop more
| elaborate creations within Second Life won't be obliged to
| re-release the code behind them.
| Though there was no evidence that anyone lost any money
| (virtual or otherwise) from the Copybot palaver, the fact that
| a misdirected libsecondlife tool could cause an economic panic
| illustrates the fragility of an economy based on intellectual
| property in a virtual universe.


Second Life and Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Each "sim" or simulator of a portion of the virtual world in Second
| Life is created on a server running Debian GNU/Linux, Apache, Squid
| and MySQL; currently there are several thousand of these PC boxes.
| To allow for fast response times, the virtual world is sent not as
| pixels or even as a mesh, but as a series of 3D primitives -
| "prims". The Second Life client creates the world by converting
| the stream of information about prims and their position into
| a visual representation.


Why We Need an Open Source Second Life

,----[ Quote ]
| Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, is very open-source friendly.
| Its computing infrastructure is based on thousands of servers running
| GNU/Linux, Apache, Squid and MySQL.


'Second Life' hits second million in eight weeks

,----[ Quote ]
| It took the virtual world Second Life more than three years to
| finally hit one million registered accounts.


World only needs seven computers

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM founder Thomas J. Watson couldn't add up: it was seven
| computers the world would need, not five. That's the contrarian
| view of Sun chief technology officer Greg Papadopoulos. He thinks
| there will just seven hyperscale, pan-global broadband computing
| services giants.


IBM and Linden Lab Launch Collaboration to Further Advance the 3D Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM and Linden Lab®, creator of the virtual world Second Life
| (www.secondlife.com), today announced the intent to develop new technologies
| and methodologies based on open standards that will help advance the future
| of 3D virtual worlds.


IBM, Linden Lab Aim for Business-Friendly Virtual Worlds

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM and Linden Lab will address the following five areas as part of their
| collaboration.
| "Universal" avatars
| [...]
| Security-rich transactions
| [...]
| Platform stability
| [...]
| Integration with existing Web and business processes
| [...]
| Open standards for interoperability with the current Web

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