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[News] Ubuntu Linux Saves PCs from Windows

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Blown Away by Ubuntu!

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve been working on Windows computers for nearly two decades and have never 
| been compelled to use anything else. But a recent experience with something 
| called Linux Ubuntu has turned my computer world view on its head!  
| [...]
| I could go on and on about this amazing Operating System but instead I’ll 
| just leave you with the fact that a few days ago, the computer I’m now using 
| to write this was virtually worthless. Microsoft had crashed it with one of 
| their own updates.. Given no money and not much time I now have a fully  
| functional computer and couldn’t be happier :)   
| If you’ve got an old computer just lying around it’s time to dig it out of 
| the closet and put Ubuntu on it! 


The importance of open source, from a 17 year olds point of view.

,----[ Quote ]
| As a linux user I am used to the term "open source" and use it a lot in my 
| everyday life. No doubt, asking a random person in the street what it meant, 
| you would get a blank look and no understanding about how important it is 
| today and how important it will be in the future as the computer industry as 
| we know it, expands, innovates and we become more reliant on computer 
| infrastructures.     



VectorLinux: Save A PC From The Dumpster

,----[ Quote ]
| Like Puppy Linux (my other current favorite "small is beautiful" 
| distribution), Vector is designed to be tiny, swift, and to get the job done, 
| and it seems to succeed nicely on all three counts. For an interesting 
| comparison of VectorLinux 5.9 (in beta) and another small distro, Zenwalk, 
| check out Paul Marwick's head-to-head review of the two.    

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