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[News] GNU/Linux Restores Business, Real Capitalism

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Linux: The OS For The Greedy

,----[ Quote ]
| I use Linux for two reasons, the first of which is because it performs better 
| than Windows Vista, undeniably. I do not have to sit around in a frustrated 
| mood waiting for Windows to unfreeze after attempting to perform a basic 
| function. My second reason, to be a frank spokesman of chivalry, is that 
| Microsoft has spit on it's customers. It never provides on time, nor what it 
| promises, nor for a reasonable price. Microsoft represents the cons of 
| capitalism, receiving a product of inferiority when being promised 
| superiority, being betrayed and being left helpless.       


Business vs. FOSS: Six Pressure Points

,----[ Quote ]
| The question of whether business can co-exist with free and open source 
| software (FOSS) was settled long ago. It can, and not only successful 
| companies like Red Hat but also the willingness of venture capitalists to 
| fund FOSS business models proves the case.   



"Kinder capitalism"? It's called open source, Mr. Gates. You should try it

,----[ Quote ]
| There are other reasons that open source fits Mr. Gates' call for a "kinder 
| capitalism." The point is that the open-source revolution Mr. Gates has long 
| fought is the single-best answer for building global (IT) economies, just as 
| it's doing in Europe right now according to the European Union.   
| You should try giving away open source as part of your foundation, Mr. Gates. 
| You could undo much of the wrongs you've done the world's IT economy. 


The GPL is a capitalist's best friend

,----[ Quote ]
| The GPL simply protects through transparency and openness, not opacity and 
| closed doors. Many of the industry's most successful open-source vendors use 
| the GPL for this very reason.  


Soviet Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The New Soviet Union.
| Microsoft isn't evil for being Microsoft, but because its leadership
| values control above delivering good products or advancing the state
| of the art. Rather than competing in the market, Microsoft's
| leadership has pursued a strategy of repeatedly deceiving the market.
| The result has been decades of productivity losses that negatively
| impact the rest of the world's economy and distract humanity away from
| technical achievement to instead fiddle with shoddy software that is
| weak because it was developed outside of competitive pressure....
| However, the iron fist of resistance to outside ideas was as
| destructive to the USSR as the inbreeding of royalty was to Europe's
| empire nations before it. Microsoft is facing the same failure by
| arrogantly pushing old strategies and ignoring the potential of open
| source. Microsoft's anti-open rhetoric even sounds a lot like the
| Soviet's view of free markets, laced with fear-based propaganda that
| promises dire consequences for experimenting with the open source
| ideas that are already proven to work outside of the Red Square of
| Redmond....


What's all the FUD about?

,----[ Quote ]
| My favorite, classic FUD comes from Steve Ballmer. "There's no company called 
| Linux, there's barely a Linux road map. Yet Linux sort of springs organically 
| from the earth. And it had, you know, the characteristics of communism that 
| people love so very, very much about it." Here, Ballmer went to the route of 
| the American psyche. How many Americans, to this day, still cringe a little 
| in fear at the voicing of "communism"? If there's anyway to turn Americans 
| off from buying a Linux PC, it's to emblazon the image of a big, red, Soviet  
| Flag on the face of Linux, to conjure up an image of FIdel Castro reciting 
| his communist propaganda from a speech he'd written on his openoffice,org 
| word processor, to strike fear into our hearts at the thought of a Wisconsin 
| Senator named Joe McCarthy barging into our houses in the middle of the night 
| to send us away to prison for life because we owned an Ubuntu PC. I can't say 
| if this FUD actually worked; it was so preposterous, and so few people give 
| any credence to what Ballmer says anymore, that people might have just 
| laughed at it. But it does show the depths to which proprietary software 
| makers will go to keep the Linux and open source software threat out of their 
| wallets.               

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