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[News] Openness of Google's Linux Phone Exploited for Good Hacks

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G1 Hack Watch: Garage Door Opener

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking for yet another cool use for your G1? How about as a garage door 
| opener? The Android Guys wrote about this particularly clever G1 hack over in 
| their weblog.  


PhoneFusion previews visual voicemail for Android

,----[ Quote ]
| The software will be available through the Android Marketplace at the end of 
| Q4 2008 and, from what I can tell from the write-ups will likely require a 
| service agreement with PhoneFusion.   



Quick Bits: Linux and Android Get a Boost

,----[ Quote ]
| This spring, Wal-Mart Stores abandoned its effort to sell a $200 Linux PC.
| But Hewlett-Packard is still trying to make a dent in the market, this time
| with a $379 version of its mini-notebook. The point of H.P.’s effort isn’t to
| sell a machine with Linux in all its geeky glory. Linux is simply the base of
| a simplified operating system that H.P. built to support Web surfing and a
| few other applications. Still, if this catches on, it could increase the
| pressure on Microsoft.


Asus Readying Googlephone for 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Asustek, according to the usually reliable DigiTimes, is readying a
| Googlephone of its own. The company will launch an Android-based handset in
| the first half of next year, and may initially offer it as an Asus-branded
| model in Taiwan before selling it to overseas carriers under their respective
| brands.


Eee PC maker readies Android phone for 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Eee PC maker Asus will release a Google Android-based smartphone during the
| first six months of 2009.
| So say unnamed company sources mentioned by DigiTimes, which suggests there's
| something in the claim.


Google's Android Army Gathers More Soldiers

,----[ Quote ]
| HTC had better look out. Motorola has also chosen Android to be its savior.
| But these are not the only companies looking at the open mobile platform from
| Google. OpenMoko, maker of the Linux-based FreeRunner, is also eying Android,
| as is ASUS (yes, the maker of PCs). Can Android take over the mobile world?


Android phones hit eBay Australia

,----[ Quote ]
| Online retailers have begun to flog HTC Google Android phones to Australian
| consumers, with the first copies having turned up on the Australian website
| of auction giant eBay site, although Australian telcos don't seem to have
| prepared for the imports.

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