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Re: Roy S. on Infoworld

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____/ RonB on Tuesday 18 November 2008 22:12 : \____

> amicus_curious wrote:
>> An interesting article, if you look closely.
>> Roy is quoted as saying that "Novell lost the community's trust, and their
>> market share arguably fell relative to competitors that did not make a
>> similar deal," but Novell's only real competitor is Red Hat whose $523M
>> gross revenues in the past year were due to a claimed $274M sales and
>> admin expense.  That makes RHT's margin on the deals about $250M overall.
>> Microsoft's $340M purchase of Novell Linux services was, on the other
>> hand, pretty much totally incremental business to their other Linux
>> promotions, so, all things being equal, it is worth some $680M to Novell
>> in terms of how much effort they would have to go through to replace.
>> That seems to me to be pretty substantial leg up on the Linux market for
>> Novell and Shestowitz again shows his ignorance of business conditions.
> Roy said "market share" not revenue.
> So much for the rest of your rant.

The only ones claiming a rise are Novell, Microsoft, and their 'puppets' like
The Yankee Group. Alfresco, on the other hand, sees Ubuntu and Red Hat rising
while Novell stays almost flat. And Alfresco has former Novell employees, so
the bias does not lean in the direction you think of.

Susan Hauser is lying and spinning in this article, as usual[*].

Microsoft gives coupons to encourage people to get a distribution which passes
royalties to Microsoft. Microsoft actually calls these coupons "patent
royalties" now. Novell tries to spin this as Microsoft paying Novell for
patents. It's spin at best, deception being a more likely label.

[*] http://boycottnovell.com/2008/05/30/susan-hauser-fights-with-fud/

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                ~~ Best of wishes

"The number of developers working on improving Linux vastly exceeds the number
of Microsoft developers working on Windows NT."
                --Paul Maritz, Microsoft
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