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[News] [Rival] Windows Mobile is Apparently Dying, Lacks Direction

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Microsoft's mobile strategy has gone missing

,----[ Quote ]
| Against this background, Microsoft's continued tardiness in developing its 
| own mobile strategy gets more worrying. At the company's Professional 
| Developers Conference recently, Windows Mobile was notable by its absence — 
| and not for the first time. No clear guidance has been given for the next 
| major revision of the software, and the trends are not good. It is now 
| commonplace for flagship Windows Mobile handsets to come with a non-Microsoft 
| web browser — a sign that something is badly broken.      


Now they just throw FUD at the competition...

Microsoft falls behind in mobiles

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer - in Sydney the other day for a 
| software developers conference - was quick to pour scorn on Google's new 
| Android mobile phone system when he turned up at a Telstra investor briefing.  


Microsoft software is as buggy as always...

Microsoft fixes Windows Mobile 6.1 email bug

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has patched a Windows Mobile 6.1 bug that left some users unable to 
| send messages until they deleted and recreated their email accounts. 
| The "Windows Mobile 6.1 POP and IMAP Send Mail Patch" is downloadable now, 
| the company says.   


Microsoft releases Windows Mobile 6.1 send mail patch



Windows Mobile - Like Being Dropped in a Toilet

,----[ Quote ]
| But it wasn't until the gal was dumped into the soup that I noticed the
| Windows Mobile ad. Because Microsoft, having failed to win hearts and minds
| with the drug-induced Seinfeld episodes (they were way too long to be mere
| commercials), figured that the next best thing was to buy ad space on the rim
| of something that reminds you of a potty. Stay classy, Microsoft!


iPhone 2.x Beats Windows Mobile 6.x into Coma

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows Mobile's star is rapidly falling. Coming into 2008, RIM pushed
| Microsoft out of second place for smart phone operating systems, according to
| Gartner. Apple has surely knocked Microsoft into fourth place. The question:
| Is it fourth behind RIM or Apple? That depends on whether Apple snatched
| second place from RIM.


Why Windows Mobile will die.

,----[ Quote ]
| So it's my job to tell you, then, that Windows Mobile is probably
| doomed.


Why Windows Mobile Is In Trouble

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently it was revealed that the newest version of Microsoft’s mobile
| operating system, Windows Mobile 7.0, would be delayed until as late as 2010.
| The updated version, which the company’s partners had reportedly been hoping
| to have by early 2009, was aimed at giving Microsoft a bigger presence on the
| mobile stage. But delay or no delay, I don’t think it would have been enough.
| With competition from a resurgent BlackBerry platform from Research in
| Motion, Apple’s iPhone and most importantly, the Google Phone platform (I
| will analyze Nokia’s Symbian platform in a separate post at a later date),
| Microsoft’s mobile platform is facing its toughest environment yet.
| [...]
| Sometime later this month, the G-1 will go on sale and people (at least those
| in the U.S.) will be able to experience the difference between a Windows
| Mobile- and an Android-based phone for themselves. Of course, some will find
| the shortcomings of the Google Phone — and according to Mossberg, there are
| many — grating. Others, like me, will be suitably impressed. And if they’re
| impressed enough, most handset makers will want to join the party.


Windows Mobile misses annual shipment target

,----[ Quote ]
| Lees, a veteran Microsoft executive who moved from the Server & Tools unit in
| February, attributed the lower-than-projected Windows Mobile sales to some
| devices coming to market slightly later than previously expected. He declined
| to say which ones.



Microsoft Hides Its Mobile and Business Apps Divisions

,----[ Quote ]
| The company is folding its two worst-performing divisions -- Microsoft
| Business Solutions (its business applications unit) and its Mobile and
| Embedded units -- into the Microsoft Business Division and Microsoft Home
| and Entertainment units, respectively.


Cryptome: NSA has access to Windows Mobile smartphones

,----[ Quote ]
| First time in history Cryptome.org has released information about the
| characteristics of NSA’s network surveillance.

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