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[News] [Rival] Microsoft CEO Lies, Insults Chinese, Calls Them Pirates

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China's not important: Microsoft CEO

,----[ Quote ]
| THE global head of Microsoft has dismissed China's importance to its business 
| due to the Government's failure to curb rampant software piracy. 


"China has long been seen as a fertile ground for Linux and other open source
software. In a country where more than 90% of software in use is pirated, it
seems like a natural fit." 


They dramatise it by disguising deliberate attempts to make the software
widespread as an injury to Microsoft and an insult to the economy. They try to
buy sympathy.

Jordanians too (same insults):

Piracy remains a concern in Oman, Microsoft says

,----[ Quote ]
| "The government has even closed down shops for selling pirated software here 
| in Mucsat," he said. 
| "The losses to the industry and governments are in the billions compared to 
| the small savings that people make by taking up pirated software." 


The only "pirates" are people like Bill and Steve who steal from people for bad
software they don't need (but get forced to use).


Chinese demand free software from Gates

,----[ Quote ]
| "I think Wang might have acted for the benefit of China's software
| buyers," acting executive of Red Flag Software Co., Ltd, Zhao Xiaoliang
| said in a comment posted on a popular website.
| "Everybody knows Microsoft's Windows operating system has been
| monopolising the market. The price of the system is very high,
| pushing users who cannot afford it to buy pirated software. Maybe it
| is time that Microsoft start to think about the problems," Zhao said. 
| [...]
| The Chinese government has been encouraging the use of open-source
| software to generate the growth of the domestic IT industry and to
| minimise dependence on expensive software, and companies which
| supply them, such as Microsoft. 


Washington goes to WTO over China counterfeiters

,----[ Quote ]
| Xinhua wheeled out a Chinese academic, He Jiasheng of Wuhan University,
| to accuse the US of playing piracy pots and kettles. "The United
| States itself is not immune to piracy," the professor said. "A special
| US survey on piracy indicates its software industry alone loses
| US$3.2bn of profits a year to IPR violators."


Why Piracy Hurts Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| "...John looks at this from a different direction. He shows you why
| software piracy hurts Open Source software--the free stuff you are using."


Microsoft seals its Windows and opens the door to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Now comes the really interesting question. With Vista's activation
| technology, Microsoft has the power to stamp out piracy everywhere. But
| will it choose to do so everywhere? After all, if folks in China or
| Thailand or Ethiopia have to pay for Vista, they won't be able to run
| it because they won't be able to afford the licence fee. In which case
| they may finally wake up to the attractions of free software such as
| Linux - and it's easy to imagine what that will do to Microsoft's
| plans for world domination.
| It's a delicious prospect: Microsoft impaling itself on the horns
| of a dilemma it has created for itself. Roll on Thursday.


Dell releases low-cost Linux desktops...in China

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell, for example, has sold tens of thousands of Linux-based PCs
| to elementary schools in China, running Sun Wah Linux -- a
| Chinese distribution of Linux based on Debian.


Microsoft Exec Admits That Company Benefits From Piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Jeff Raikes, head of the company's business group, said at a
| recent investor conference that while the company is against
| piracy, if you are going to pirate software, it hopes you pirate
| Microsoft software. He cited the above reasoning, noting that
| users of pirated Microsoft software are likely to purchase from
| the company later on.


"Piracy reduction can be a source of Windows revenue growth"

,----[ Quote ]
| It's perfectly reasonable to expect people to save up for two months to
| buy Vista, Steve. Really. You'd be willing to spend $150,000 of your
| money on Vista Basic, wouldn't you? I'm sure all you need to do is
| tighten those screws, and the giant Chinese turnip will start
| squirting sweet, sweet blood to sustain you.


Ballmer hints at tougher Vista antipiracy crackdown

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the Business Software Alliance, an antipiracy watchdog
| group for the software industry, counterfeits accounted for 86
| percent of the software sold in China, 72 percent in India, 64
| percent in Brazil and 83 percent in Russia. The figures are 2005
| estimates, the last year for which data is available.
| [...]
| It appears that Ballmer doesn't agree, for he hinted that Vista's
| antipiracy features might be tightened even more. "We [will]
| really ferret through how far we can dial it up, and what that
| means for customer experience and customer satisfaction," he said.

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