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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Ruin Telephony

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Calypso Wireless sues T-Mobile USA for patent Infringement

,----[ Quote ]
| Calypso says it owns a patent on Automatic Switching of Network Access 
| Points, technology, which helps carriers achieve more efficient allocation of 
| resources by freeing more wide area cellular spectrum space for voice, video 
| and data, and increasing overall bandwidth available to other users.   


OpenMoko Faces MP3 Patent Dispute

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux-based phone, OpenMoko is currently in a patent dispute with Sisvel, 
| as known as Società Italiana per lo Sviluppo dell'Elettronica. Sisvel is 
| Italian patent holding firm well known for its aggressive enforcement of MPEG 
| patents. Sisvel is also currently in a dispute with SanDisk.   


It's the lowlife Philips that attacks here.


RESEND(Wrong Thread): IMAGE/MP3 licensing issue.

,----[ Quote ]
| The short story is that we are in a protracted battle with some patent
| trolls. Google for Sisvel.
| In order to get ourselves in a stronger position, we want to make sure
| no copies/instances/whatever of patent-infested technologies like MP2
| and MP3 exist on our servers.


Openmoko se topa con las patentes


Philips could be in the firing line after Sisvel's Berlin patent raids

,----[ Quote ]
| Electronics giant Philips is being threatened with legal action following
| raids at a major German trade fair sparked by Sisvel, the Italian licensing
| company. Sisvel. which administers patents related to MP3 technology on
| behalf of a number of companies including Philips, asked German customs
| authorities to take action against a group of exhibitors at the fair,
| claiming that products they had on show were infringing.


Taiwanese firm to sue over armed raid at IFA

,----[ Quote ]
| A Taiwanese firm is taking legal action over damage to its reputation after
| an Italian patent troll representing Philips prompted the raid of a Berlin
| consumer electronics show last month.
| Teco was among 69 companies targeted by some 200 armed German custom officers
| during the IFA trade fair in Berlin. The raid was done at the request of
| Sisvel, which administers MP3 and DVD technology patents on behalf of
| Philips. Sisvel had complained that exhibitors at IFA may be infringing on
| patents owned by its client.



Berlin Court condemns Sisvel's IFA seizures as "illegal"

,----[ Quote ]
| Today Sisvel, Europe's very own "patent troll", was given a serious blow by a
| Berlin Court. Sisvel convinced German public prosecutors to provide some
| helping hands in pressing companies in the mp3 audio field to take licenses
| under patents, owned by Philips and other companies.


German Customs cracks down at IFA

,----[ Quote ]
| German Customs officials have raided several stands at this years IFA trade
| show in Berlin, including Emtec's, MSI's, and Xoro's. The officials are
| acting on behalf of Sisvel, which has a stand in Hall 2.2 at this year's IFA.

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