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[News] New Releases of Django and LyX Announced

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Django 1.0.1 released!

,----[ Quote ]
| Following the previously-announced schedule, today the Django team has 
| released Django 1.0.1. This is a bugfix-only release containing fixes and 
| improvements to the Django 1.0 codebase, and is a recommended upgrade for 
| anyone using or targeting Django 1.0.   


What's new in LyX 1.6? 

,----[ Quote ]
| The development of LyX 1.6.0 took off in July 2007. In November 2008, LyX 
| 1.6.0 was finally released. Here's an overview of the major new features that 
| were implemented.  



Django 1.0 released!

,----[ Quote ]
| I really can’t stress enough how amazing our community of users and
| developers are. About half of the code that’s gone into Django over the past
| three years has been contributed by someone other than a core committer.
| Since our last stable release, we’ve made over 4,000 code commits, fixed more
| than 2,000 bugs, and edited, added, or removed around 350,000 lines of code.
| We’ve also added 40,000 lines of new documentation, and greatly improved what
| was already there.


Using Django on Jython

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, Django works on Jython, without any special patching. Right now it
| is recommended to use the development version of both projects, but as soon
| as Django and Jython ship a new stable release, you will be able to use that
| too.


Deploying and tuning Django

,----[ Quote ]
| I used shared hosting for my Django-based Encyclopedia of Programming
| Languages (Russian version), but realized, that I need dedicated server for
| more performance and stability. For now, I chose cheap server with 1,8 GHz
| CPU and 512 Mb RAM, with CentOS 5 installed.

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