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[News] GPLpedia Expands Information Campaign to Promote Free Software

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Consolidating Open Source Software Business on the WEB - RedHat & GPLpedia.com

,----[ Quote ]
| RedHat is a key technology player in Open Source and Linux. GPLpedia.com is a 
| key business player in promoting , marketing and sales of Open Source 
| Software.  


GPLpediaSlim.com - Launched for Promoting the Best Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| GPLpediaSlim has a dedicated section for Dummies which contains over 30+ Open 
| Source Soft wares that every computer literate must use.  Why waste money on 
| proprietary software instead of using Open Source?   



Latest In Open Source Software - Gplpedia.com

,----[ Quote ]
| GPLpedia.com is a place for open source enthusiasts like yourself to
| discover, share & upload content related to open source software from
| anywhere on the web in a very organized fashion.


Offline Wikipedia for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Did you know that it's possible to view the content of the biggest and most
| widely used online encyclopedia without the need for Internet connectivity?
| That's right, Wikipedia, with over 10 million articles in 253 languages can
| be viewed offline in your Linux box anytime, anywhere.


KDE and Wikimedia Start Collaboration

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE e.V and Wikimedia Deutschland have opened a shared office in Frankfurt,
| Germany. As two organizations that share similar goals and organizational
| challenges, they hope that working out of the same space will strengthen and
| expand their links to the Free Culture community, as well as allowing them to
| share resources, experience and infrastructure.



Mount Wikipedia As A Virtual Filesystem

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to WikipediaFS, Wikipedia fiends tired of reloading pages
| in the browser can now, provided they?re using Linux, mount the
| site as a virtual filesystem.
| WikipediaFS is a mountable Linux virtual file system that enables
| you to view and edit Wikipedia (or any Mediawiki-based site)
| articles as if they were real files.


Wikipedia founder hunts for gold

,----[ Quote ]
| Wales also puts his faith in the open-source model. He cites Linux
| reseller Red Hat (Charts), a for-profit company built on top of a
| free, open-source software foundation. Many doubted Red Hat could
| build a profitable business around something as defiantly
| not-for-profit as Linux, but the Raleigh, N.C., company proved
| them wrong. Third-quarter revenue for Red Hat was $105.8
| million in 2006, up 45 percent from the previous year.

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