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[News] Report from Indian FOSS Conference, Freedom Walk

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National Conference on Free Software 2008 :: Day 1 

,----[ Quote ]
| The YMCA camp building is just a stone throw away from the Cochin backwaters, 
| I spent some time looking the slow churning waters and the sun rise above 
| green coconut groves beyond it. Time it seems has a different pace over here, 
| it is a far cry from the bustling city life.   


Freedom Walk - Final day at Trivandrum

,----[ Quote ]
| It was an idea six months ago. That idea was conceptualised and later, was 
| named Freedom Walk-A walk to claim,ensure and preserve freedom. Started off 
| from Kasargode on Oct 2, our team of volunteers criss-crossed through the 
| length and breadth of Kerala touching all the 14 districts, and spreading the 
| message of freedom among the people. Hearty congratulations to Anoop John, 
| Cherry G Mathew, Sooraj K and Prasad S.R for the kind of determination and 
| perseverance they have shown for a social cause.      



Boycott Novell Protesters Man-handled at National Conference on Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is blow by blow account of trouble that brewed up on the second
| day of National Conference on Free Software 2008 in Cochin university.
| The activists put up posters against the Novell Corp (the main sponsor
| of this event) at the Free Software exhibition complex.


Free Software Activist Man-Handled


National “non-free” Software Conference @ CUSAT

,----[ Quote ]
| A free software activist and former student at CUSAT, Anivar Aravind was
| manhandled today (16/11/2008) by the “National free software conference
| organizers” @ CUSAT with assistance from the states police forces, for his
| peaceful protest against the “Novell Sponsorship”. The free software
| conference is backed by CPI(M), the ruling left party in Kerala.
| [...]
| Q2. What is the problem with NOVELL?
| Novell doesn’t respect the free software philosophy and works against the
| interest of the community. In short we are against Novell because of the
| following.
|    1. Novell helps Microsoft more than it helps GNU/Linux.
|    2. Novell still insults competing GNU/Linux distributions and Sun’s
|    Openoffice.org. (Read more)
|    3. Novell & Microsoft’s software patent agreement betrays rest of free
|    software community, including the very people who wrote the Novell’s own
|    system, for Novell’s sole financial profit. (Read more)
|    4. Novell helps Microsoft’s fight against Ajax, web standards, SVG by
|    supporting Silverlight & implementing its GNU/Linux version. (Read more)
|    5. Novell supports Microsofts proprietary standard OOXML.
|    6. Novell is pushing Microsofts patents to GNU/Linux and cheating Free
|    Software Community.
|    7. Novell is the biggest promoter of MONO in Free Software Development.

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